Google to debut 8.9-inch HTC Nexus later this year [RUMOR]


nexus 8

Rumors of a “Nexus 8” have been whispered since the 7 was first introduced. Google seems to have done a great job in covering their bases. The Nexus 5 is big enough to still be considered a smartphone, while the Nexus 7 is better suited for those looking for a small tablet. But what about that 8-inch sweet spot that Amazon has been covering so well with their Kindle Fire series? Well, it looks like it may soon get a little extra competition this year.

According to sources out of CNET, Google could be preparing to launch an 8.9-inch Nexus tablet later this year. Production of the Nexus 8 (or 9?) is said to begin this July/August, with Google focusing on lower volume for the tab (as always seems to be the case with Nexus devices). Also mentioned was the tablet’s “premium” price point, offering higher-end specs likely to exceed $300.

As far as who is being contracted to build the tab, HTC is the manufacturing being thrown around, but like all good rumors, nothing has been confirmed. So what does this mean for the Nexus 7? Well, the good news is we should expect to see a Nexus 7 (2014) refresh later this year, with no word on the full-sized Nexus 10 that hasn’t been available on Google Play for months now.

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  1. This is a good size! I recently stepped down from 10″ Xoom to 9″ Nook HD+ (running KitKat)… never got into Nexus 7 because the screen size is too small for me.

  2. Htc? Nice. Kind of tired of LG already lol

  3. Nice… 8.9 would be a perfect size for me to grab one. The N7 was always way too small.

    1. I used to think so until I got an LG GPad 8.3. It has literally the smallest bezel that I’d want and I can’t imagine holding anything bigger comfortably in one hand.
      For me, 8-8.3 is the perfect size but I do agree the N7 is too small.

      1. Ditto.

        LGs 8.3″ sounds just about right (vs 8.9″), especially for those of us accustomed to phablets for our phone. Sold my 7″ Nexus (2012) last month and am just waiting for the perfect 8.X”er to show up.

        SMALL: Phones and phablets under 5.X” that you can comfortably USE one-handed (depending on your hands)
        MEDIUM: Tablets between 6″ and 8.X” that you can comfortably HOLD with one hand and use with the other, and that can still fit into a cargo pant pocket.
        LARGE: Tablets 10″+

      2. Agreed. LG G Pad is just the right balance between screen size and overall packaging size. Just wish the back was a little less slippery.

  4. Yes I can replace my 2012 n7 finnaly a nexus tab not made by asus

    1. What’s wrong with Asus? I think the 2013 version is awesome and looks good too, night and day difference from the 2012

      1. Agreed.

      2. The fact that I’ve bought two bad mother boards back to back from them. Then my n7 has issues in build quality. Never checked out the 2013 because I’m done getting burned by them. HTC on the other hand I never had a problem with their devices.

  5. It may be a little late for me. I’m seriously considering replacing my Nexus 10 with the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet.

    1. Beautiful device. Sony’s Xperia series devices are like the “Apple” premium feel of the Android side. Sleek and beautiful.

    2. If they get a Play Edition, I’m sold.

    3. I’d get a GPE version, but only after Google and apps makers return to supporting SD cards.

      1. Well they never will, so you’ll be waiting literally forever

  6. I hope this is true, I’ll bite.

  7. An 8 1/2 inch 1080p screen, front facing speakers, 32/64 gig internal, and mabye an SD card slot could possibly replace my aging nexus 7 2012

    1. Nexus means no SD slot

      1. A man can dream

    2. The HTC One Max should have been this.

  8. I’m not too keen on HTC and tablets together, but maybe if it follows in the One’s footsteps it’ll be good.

  9. If it has to be a premium device by all means HTC might do it. However, they are not known for efficiency in price , size and weight

    1. I wouldn’t put weight on the list. I prefer my phones and tablets to be a bit more heavier.

    2. Something worth mentioning here is that HTC doesn’t determine the price. Google does. HTC (or any other OEM) is just being contracted to manufacture the device.

  10. While I really like my 10″, we have a few 7″ and 8″ tablets in my household (big family) and I think the 8″ range is a real sweet spot, especially for games and movies.

  11. where can I pre-order!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I love my Nexus 10 for video playback but after using an iPad air I really have to admit the 4:3 aspect ratio is ideal for surfing the web on a tablet as well as reading books/comics/magazines. However widescreen video would be better on the Nexus 10 any day. Here’s hoping Google releases a 13 inch 4:3 Nexus tablet. That might be the sweet spot

  13. This might make a nice living-room tablet if the wide screen isn’t annoying.

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