You can now buy your slightly-less-nasty Domino’s Pizza using Google Wallet


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Much has been made about Domino’s and their “new and improved” recipe — some think it tastes great, while others consider it just a half step above the cardboard they were serving for years. But one thing D0mino’s has always done right is their ordering process, and things are getting even better for those who like to do that from their phone.

The latest Domino’s update brings the ability to pay for your pizza using your Google Wallet balance, just in case that trusty old credit card or cold, hard cash isn’t doing it for you.

Even if you don’t use Google Wallet, there is some incentive to placing your next order of $10 or more using the service — you’ll get a free order of Domino’s new Specialty Chicken if you do. That particular deal lasts until June 15th, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide if you want to give Domino’s another go if you aren’t already a long-time customer. Download is awaiting you over at Google Play.

[via Domino’s]

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  1. Sounds good!!………..The ordering process that is.

  2. Their new pizza really is a lot better, puts it above the other quick delivery pizzas..

  3. Hey I like Domino’s!! 3 toppings large pizza for 7.99 and paying with Google wallet? I’m all in =P

  4. Domino’s Pizza is my favorite of the chain delivery pizzas. Their new recipe is fantastic. Papa John’s and Pizza Hut suck a_s!

    1. Agreed, they are the only chain I can really tolerate. There new stuff is actually pretty darn good.

  5. Have you tried the new Domino’s? It’s awesome! I’m still a Papa John’s person though.

  6. Hah, OP is being shitted on. Dominos > all the other quick take out chains. Pizza Hut is SO bad nowadays, I don’t even know how they manage.

  7. Dominos had good pizza. Not too keen on papa John’s. Jets is good. I may just have to try this style of ordering though.

  8. Dominos is my favorite next to costco.

  9. If Domino’s is nasty, then what do you call that crap from Pizza Hut and Papa Johns?

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