AT&T LG G Flex, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active getting KitKat today



A couple of AT&T devices are being admitted to the Android 4.4 KitKat ward today, with the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active being pegged for the upgrade. Both upgrades will bring the typical KitKat features you’ve come to know and love (read all about it right here), but there are a couple of slight differences for each one.

The LG G Flex’s notes say to expect restyled status and navigation bars, battery performance improvements, and enhanced processing speed. The S4 Active, on the other hand, brings enhanced music access from the lock screen, camera access from the lock screen, a tweaked location menu, wireless printing and new sound controls.

So how do you get it? There are different paths to take depending on which phone you have:

  • LG G Flex: Settings > General tab > About phone > Software update > Update now
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: Settings > More > About device > Software update > Check for Updates

And no matter which phone you have, it’s always a good idea to hop onto a WiFi network and charge your battery to at least 50% before getting started.

[via AT&T 1 | 2]

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  1. The Verizon LG G2 also can receive KitKat today if you connect your phone to the computer and do a assisted update. All right from LG and Verizon… Crazy that they have not posted a word on it as of yet.

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  3. I want 4.4 but scared to even check when
    4.3 came out my phone randomly started
    installing 4.3 when I didnt want to and after
    It said insert sim card and yes there was oje
    in and nothing lelped take out restart and
    even factory reset never got service again
    and it happened teice so they replaced my
    s4 active with another s4 active and im still
    on 4.2 and would love 4.4 but to scared to
    even check for 4.4.2.. anyone have 4.4.2 on
    the s4 active and like it yet? Without

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