Google making design a big focus at IO 2014 with latest series of videos


Project Hera, the unofficial name for Google’s vast design revamping of Android apps we’ve been hearing about lately, is in the works, but without official word it’s hard to be sure Google’s working on anything. Perhaps their latest blog post is enough to instill even more confidence in upcoming plans, as Google is now touting design as one of the biggest focuses at this year’s Google I/O developers’ conference.

Google says they’ll have many sessions and workshops where developers can discuss design, exchange ideas, and learn how good design — whether that be the user-facing interface or the design of the back-end components — can lead to satisfied users.

With that, Google is kicking off a new series of videos called Google Design Minutes, where their engineers talk about how they approached design to make sure they were making an experience that any user would find enjoyable. From Google Search and Maps to the Google Glass units we’re hoping to see launched sometime in the near future, these engineers take us on a brief tour of how Google thinks about design in everything they do.

The videos are all on YouTube, and it sounds like there’ll be more to come in the weeks leading up to the big day in San Francisco. Be sure to give them a quick gander above and below.

[via Google]

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  1. Hera isn’t about UI changes. That said, I’m sure design changes will come about because of it.

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