Aereo will soon bring broadcast television to the Chromecast


Aereo Android app

When Aereo finally launched in the Google Play Store last October, we were excited at the prospect of streaming live television to our Android devices. It’s not the most ideal situation — what, with a tiny display/speaker setup on our mobile devices — but it would get the job done.

For those lucky enough to live in an Aereo market (it’s still in beta), starting May 29th you’ll now be able to stream broadcast television to your Chromecast, effectively 1-uping the functionality of Google’s tiny dongle. Depending on how you look at it, it’s a small step for Chromecast, but it’s a huge leap for Aereo, as they’re about to bring broadcast television exactly where it belongs — your television.

For those unaware, Aereo not only let’s you stream live broadcast television to all your devices, but acts as a DVR as well. The antenna/servers are all found in one of their local data centers, which is the reason why Aereo is not yet available everywhere. Aereo still has its fair share of legal hurdles (it was recently shut down in Utah, and the US Supreme Court is about to decide whether or not they’re infringing on broadcast copyrights in a few more weeks.

[Aereo Blog | via Engadget]

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  1. One step closer to ditching cable. Now for Google to stream stations through YouTube.

    1. Is it only network tv?

    2. Ditch cable television already, then roll around the money you save.

    3. I gave it a shot and went back- Live sports is the only thing I was really missing, plus the cable companies make hard not to go back too with their deals after you leave them.

      1. Yeah, luckily for me the only sport I watch is MLB and I have the MLB network which works with my PS3.

  2. The BBC already brought live TV to Chromecast.

    1. No way! They really did? Way to go, BBC!

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