Reminder: Google I/O registration opens tomorrow


Google IO 2014 registration

Aye-o, Phandroids. This is just your friendly reminder that Google I/O 2014 opens bright and early tomorrow at 5AM PST. Set your alarm clock (or don’t), just know that you have all the way up until 5PM on April 10th to register.

Traditionally, Google has gone with a first-come-first-serve policy when it comes to registration, sending prospective applicants into a F5 frenzy at the chance to visit the Chocolate Factory Moscone Center. This year’s a bit different, with Google choosing registrants at random, creating an even more exciting lottery for those looking to attend.

There’s free catering, vending and ice cream machines, and sessions to make sure you’re head is overflowing with ample Android knowledge (and sugar). Sure, Google gives out free gadgets to develop with, but you’re essentially paying for those with the cost of admission. Full price tickets are $900, with academia getting in for as little as $300.

What you can’t place a value on is the Google I/O experience which allows you to try out the latest tech, schmooze with fellow Android devs and enthusiasts, even rub elbows with Google’s elite.

This year’s Google I/O a bit shorter than previous years, spanning across only 2 days: June 25th and 26th. Should you find yourself one of the randomly selected registrations, you’ll have until June 1st to get a refund, (in case something comes up, and you can’t attend). Hit up the source link for more info.

For a quick recap of everything that was announced/went down during last year’s Google I/O, check out our wrap up here.

[Google I/O 2014]


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