Apr 7th, 2014


As time goes on, our favorite $35 HDMI dongle from Google continues to gain usefulness. In just the past week, we’ve seen Vudu, Rdio, and Crackle all receive official Chromecast support. The lastet to join the Chromecast craze is popular movie app, Flixster. With Flixster, you can see what’s new on DVD, check out what’s currently playing at your local theater, watch movie trailers, and most importantly, stream movies from your UltraViolet collection. The latest update also added movie download support for HTC phone users, SD card download support for KitKat devices, and UK users on Sony and HTC devices had a few bugs squashed as well.


Flixster is the second UltraViolet compatible app to get Chromecast support, following last week’s Vudu update. If you’re looking for a winner between the two, Flixster’s UI is just gorgeous and much more user friendly compared to their competition. Vudu’s app feels like a clunky web wrapper. Next up, M-Go?

Download on Google Play: Flixster

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