[Update: Sold out] Google I/O registration not going smoothly for many


Google I/O registration has been open for less than 15 minutes, but things are going no smoother than in previous years. We’re hearing reports from all over of ‘internal server 500’ errors, purchase timeouts, and other hangups preventing folks from successfully acquiring their tickets. Others have had a bit more success. How’s it going for everyone out there?

Update: After a little less than an hour, Google I/O 2013 is officially sold out. Did you manage to get a ticket? Or do you count yourself among the many fuming over Google’s botched handling of yet another year of I/O registrations? Better luck next year, we suppose.

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Google I/O registration now open, act fast

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  1. It’s going pretty ordinarily, I’d say. Too much demand. Too little supply. Too many crazy Android fans :)

  2. ill say what I said on the other topic. Logged me out of google+ 20 seconds before registration. And my wife is trying for general admission ticket at her work and she keeps getting we couldn;t find your ticket

  3. i got a spot, shows up in wallet, but server error

  4. I tried but I just got there are no tickets left once it finally came up.

  5. I’ve purchased now twice and not had success. The first time it reported and unexpected error; the second time it was spinning on the payment and the timer ran out.

    1. That is what happened to me!

  6. fuc kkkk u gooogle >>> I didn’t sleep yet …

  7. We had a ticket here at CurbSigns in Newmarket, ON but it wouldn’t let him accept his ticket!

  8. I had a ticket, but Wallet timed out. Stayed stuck in “your purchase will complete momentarily” as the timer ran down, then the purchase failed.

    1. ^ This! I got a ticket window after about 20 minutes. Clicked to continue to purchase through Google Wallet, and watched the “your purchase will complete momentarily” count right down to zero and kick me to the lobby. Grrr!

    2. The same thing happened to me. Every year, it is the same registration fiasco. I love Google’s technology, but I hate their Google I/O registration system.

      I also had an issue that made me signon again right after I signed on successfully. I love that right at the moment registration started the message came back “Things are really busy right now…”.

      I am wondering if Google should have one server to assigns everyone a number. If you are within the number of tickets available, you get an e-mail with a special link that takes you to a different server. They should give you a half hour to start to register from receiving the e-mail. Anyone who doesn’t click on the link in that half hour loses their spot. Then the next person gets an e-mail. This might truly make this system a first come first serve system rather than a spin of the roulette wheel process.

      1. Great idea! Have you suggested it?

  9. I finally had the option to buy one around 7:27am and the purchase kept failing. They charged the card once and then canceled it. Apparently Google can’t really handle high volume e-commerce traffic. They should stay away from that business model completely.

    1. Same thing happened to me. So frustrating.

    2. Finally got one again around 7:40 and this time the payment eventually went through after 2 tries.

      Hang in there everyone just a little bit longer.

  10. same, had a ticket, paid. they said there was a problem with the merchant. Amex approved the charge, so that means that google had a problem with themselves. Finally the page timed out and they canceled the transaction

  11. Got stuck at “your purchase will complete momentarily” screen and timed out. Checked Google wallet, a charge was made for Google IO. Checked my credit card online, charge went through. After another retry, Registration is now closed.

    1. So does that mean that I got registered or what? lol

      1. The fact that you “LoL” means you don’t mind being charged $900 accidentally. =.S

  12. Started 1 second after registration opened, continuously retried when prompted and am still waiting for the first chance to pay for a ticket.

  13. And it’s sold out.
    Wuh wuh.

  14. Sorry! Google I/O is sold out.

  15. have google wallet open in another tab so the payment goes through.

  16. I got double charged on my wallet account but never got a confirmation.

  17. They obviously need to find a new site with more capacity. Or hold multiple simultaneous live events at the same time around the county or something.

    1. Or the simplest solution is sell first to developers and news writers, then to everyone else

      1. Please… You think the media outlets and developers that really matter even pay for tickets? LOL! This was designed for crazed fans and Bloggers to grease the media wheel just a little more. All the fiasco surrounding it every year is complete validation that it’s working.

    2. I think more simultaneous events is the answer, they mentioned before that they don’t want to increase the capacity because the event will lose meaning.

  18. :-( 3 years of failure. Worst of all I get to go to California and sit in a hotel room while my co-worker attends.

  19. The most important question: has anyone from the Phandroid team picked up one?

    1. Rob has press for sure.

  20. Got One.

    First try failed after 6 minutes passed, with no available ticket.
    Second try, I got one but the payment process failed; it just kept spinning.
    Third try failed after 6 minutes passed, with no available ticket.
    Fourth try, I got one and still had payment issues; failed.
    Fifth try failed before the 6 minutes.
    Sixth try failed after 6 minutes passed, with no available ticket.
    Seventh try, I got a ticket, payed successfully, received the email and verified that my card was charged only once (had to make sure with this one).

    Took about 30 minutes.

    1. Have a good time!

  21. $900? Really?

    1. You get more worth in Google devices though. And students get in for about $300 I think.

  22. For the third year in a row I missed out. This time my computer got 4 BSOD (Blue screen of death)! How does that happen? It was my first time wifi tethering through my android phone so that may have triggered them but 4 BSOD! And when it did work it couldn’t find any tickets. Very frustrating.

    1. It’s just not meant to be.

  23. I managed to get one ticket, but after 7 attempts and on the 7th attempt I switched to my Nexus 4 because I had to leave to work. On my N4 I quickly setup up the query through Chrome Beta before I started to drive and it went through on the first(7 total including desktop) try on my phone. Good thing because I was already giving up on the 7th try, it didn’t want to drive and go through the process.

  24. Again Google demonstrates that they don’t know how to sell tickets or phones

  25. Man, they can’t get Nexus check out to work, can’t get i/o tickets to check out… Wtf man they need to hire a consulting firm to help them figure out how to do e-com. I still can’t fathom how gmail can run fine with millions on it but their check out experiences are a joke.

  26. This is aweful. THIS WAS GOING TO BE MY HONEYMOON!!!!!!

    I got the ticket, BUT GOOGLE WALLET KEPT DYING.

    No Tickets, no honeymoon. Thanks Google… way to say thanks to the Devs who improve Android for you for FREE.

  27. Got my ticket on the 7th or 8th try. After submitting payment I got a 500 error. I hit refresh and it forwarded me on to the registration info page.

  28. I think my enthusiasm for Google has been tainted.

    They have brought me so much happiness before.

  29. Got all the way to the “Redirecting you to the registration page.” where it redirected for an hour until I refreshed and was greeted with a white screen.

    They told me I got a ticket and charged me so maybe I’m in??

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