Google IO 2013 video highlights: was this year a home run or snoozer? [POLL]


There were a lot of totally new apps and services announced today during the Google IO keynote address, and where we’ve been covering all of them throughout the day, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. That’s why we’ve put them all together in one place, wrapping up all of today’s biggest announcements into a single post. We’ve got some nice highlight videos from all of today’s events, so sit back and check ’em out.

900 Million Android Devices Activated to Date

Because Android is an open mobile OS, it means just about anyone can install it to whatever device they want. With that, comes device activations growing an exponential rate — 900 million in this year alone. Can’t stop this Android train from tootin’ along its path for world domination.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition Announced

It was one of the day’s bigger announcements: a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. It’s the same device you know and love only without all those “gimmicky” features TouchWiz (er, Nature UX) brings. The device will go on sale in June for $650.

Google Play Game Services Announced

Google has officially announced a new Google Play Services API, one we all know as Google Play Games. Google Play Games will introduce services developers can build into their games to provide an all new gaming experience that features things like cloud-saving, achievements and leader boards, low-latency multiplayer matchmaking and more

Google Play Music All Access Announced

Google has officially announced its new music streaming service. The service will come as part of Google Play Music, and gets a sub tag called All Access. With All Access, you’ll get immediate and instant access to millions of tracks in the Google Play Store.

Google Play for Education Initiative Announced

Perhaps one of the more unappreciated parts of the Google IO press conference was Google’s education initiative. El Goog is building a Play Store specially for teachers and students, giving those in the education field an avenue to find apps, games and content that will help in the ever-important process of educating the world’s youth.

Google+ Update Brings New UI, Hangouts, and Easy Photo Editing

Google has announced a ton of new features for its social networking service, Google+. Emphasis has been put on the main stream, Google+ Hangouts, and Google’s photo features.

Google Maps Update Brings All New Revamped UI

Google introduces an all new Maps experience for Android users and the desktop at Google IO 2013. Here are all the details, coming soon to Android devices and the web this summer. Early access invite page can also be found here as well.

Now that you’ve been brought up to speed on Google IO 2013, we want to hear what you think. We’ve been reading through your comments on many of today’s announcements and not everything has been 100% kosher. There are a lot of changes and with changes comes resistance. Taking into account there was no new “X Phone” announcements, or even a new version of Android (not even 4.3 Jelly Bean), in your honest opinion: would you guys say Google IO 2013 was a home run, or complete snoozefest? After you take our poll, let us know why in the comments.

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Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Don’t worry, Hangouts will soon replace Google+ Messenger

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  1. They had several cool things….but without a new earth shattering product or an awesome new version of Android I can’t say it was 100% amazing.

  2. Just wish that the Galaxy S4 Google Edition was coming to Verizon :(

    1. Yes, and for $199. Or $350 off contract like the N4.

    2. I think XDA will port the software from that S4 to the VzW S4

  3. I think that, while somethings are still very uncooked and “beta” (typical Google), I’d still consider it a success.

    I stand by Google’s decision to announce new versions of Android along with a new Nexus device at the end of the year. Although, they could have at the very least TEASED something, like maybe the official name for the next dessert? :)

    1. You mean KLP? Or,the one after that,………LP?

      1. Lumpy potatoes is a dessert for you? … lol

        1. Random. Next dessert after KLP should be Lemon bars *drool*

          1. I’m betting money on Lolipop

          2. Lemon Drops are closer to Jelly Beans….

        2. What’s not to like:

          Beer-battered/deep-fried/bacon-wrapped/dipped-in-chocolate Lumpy Potatoes.

    2. Lotta new stuff unveiled today,I’d call it a success. :-)

    3. Agree with you Chris, they could have a least thrown a small bone our way. Like the next desert name…Kettle Corn.(wouldn’t that be a fun shocker!! :-))
      The photo features of Google+, the new Google Map update and the new developer API’s(makes me want to learn how to be a developer) all made the keynote worth watching and I would agree with you a success.
      Guess we are just spoiled by i/o’s of the last few years!

  4. It depends on how you’re viewing it. This year’s I/O was more developer oriented so as a developer I see it as a success. For the average user, however, nothing earth shattering was announced so I can see it as a failure from that perspective.

  5. A. Where the hell is the new Nexus 7?
    B. $650 for a GS4 off contract? Seriously? Who pays that much for any phone off contract? (other than Chris)

    1. Anyone that wants to keep their unlimited data w/ Verizon pays that for a phone.

      1. Verizon is irrelevant with that unsubsidized phone..At&t and T-Mobile only I’m afraid..

    2. A. Who the hell promised you a new Nexus 7? Google certainly didn’t.
      B. Everyone does in one way or another. Actually, in a lot of places it’s $699.

      1. When haven’t they refreshed something in a year? (Honest question)

        1. There will be refreshes, just not at I/O.

          I/O was getting out of hand. There were too many people sniping tickets to get free goodies which was hindering legitimate developers from getting tickets (The target audience).

          If you read the Verge’s interview with Android/Chrome’s product manager, he said that there wouldn’t be any new products launched.

          1. Never thought of that actually. It makes really good sense. Still would have appreciated an official announcement or hint or something.

          2. I thought he actually said it wouldn’t be focused on new products but on developers, not there would be no products launch. Besides, they alreadyannounced a new product, google edition GS4.

    3. For what I noticed they are still selling the GS4 GE $40-$70 cheaper than what you can find it for on Amazon unlocked, and with LTE support. If you don’t want to pay the $650 for the device just buy it on contract on at&t for $199 and root the device if that’s what you want. T-mobile just require you to make a downpayment and then put you on a payment plan until the entire amount of device is paid for. If you thought that Google was going to offer the GS4 GE at the same or near the price point of the Nexus 4 you need to wake up from that dream. They need to keep their brand fairly priced to get them into the hands of the consumer. By pricing the GS4 GE at $650 they make the Nexus 4 more appealing to the consumer and at the same time they don’t step on anyones toes.

  6. Snooze

  7. It was a success from a developers point of view. I can see though that the user is disappointed, though this conference is for the developer not the consumer, so overall it’s a success.

  8. The new Android Studio IDE makes it all worthwhile. Bye bye, Eclipse.

    1. By far my favorite thing from the I/o keynote

    2. Honestly, the Studio caught my attention. I plan to jump in head first into coding. Now if I can only come up with a good idea for an app…. wanna help me brainstorm?

  9. I don’t understand.

    This is a developer’s conference. Most of the people who are complaining about not being impressed are consumers, media, and bloggers.

    All the new API’s, along with Android Studio, and the new Developer Console (Beta/Stats) updates are absolutely phenomenal.

    Don’t forget, a new Android version and new Nexus hardware were all announced in a separate event last November (would have been live if it wasn’t for Hurricane Sandy).

    I believe Google might have another small Nexus event this summer.

    1. As a consumer, i was disappointed, but i did also consider that this is a developers conference, so i ended up liking what came out especially since i understood the lingo…as a consumer, my time will come in the Fall when the Nexus 5 comes out..

    2. Exactly. Google took steps in the right direction with their new dev tools, not to mention the revamped apps

    3. I’m not a developer and I can tell that the things talked about are things worth being excited about. I swear some people were put on this planet to dislike everything. Think about it. There was always that kid on the playground who was a d:ck about everything. Well that kid grew up and is now a tech blogger.

    4. Heck, I’m not a developer and I was excited about that buttload of things they announced! Because they still are awesome, even if many of them doesn’t directly affect me.

      1. You’re beginning to sound like an iSheep

    5. I think because google set certain types of expectations from previous events so that now people expect new hardware, software and mind shattering news. I had a feeling there wasn’t going to be much hardware announcements when the night before they said they were focusing on software. The one’s who are ticked off are probably those who spent the money to attend in hopes of swag.

      1. Well the did get the pixel but I know what you’re saying. Yes if someone was alley looking at previous years one would probably expect at least one new piece of hardware and 4.3 or 5.0. As a consumer I do appreciate some of the services they announced. Guess I’ll purchase the shield to hold me over until the fall lol.

    6. Thank you, finally a person that has the same opinion as i do. It for developer, so they can improve their work. Im not a developer but i can understand that Google has done a lot to provide them with new features they may like.

    7. I agree! Its refreshing to see that they arent implementing totally new features, but improving and expanding on the existing ones. The update to Google now, Google play, Gmail, etc… are all +’s in my book. The cleanest of IOS and there apps is the only thing i think it holds over android, with these updates i think they have closed that gap a little more. Im excited about the annoucements.

      1. LOL you used “+” as in Google+ :D

    8. I dunno, the things they announced could have been summarized in an email.

      1. just look at revampd maps… as a consumer i so very content with current version but the newer version is absoluely insane…. way to go google…… And damn had i known i would get a chrome book pixel…. i would have booked an i/o pass… hopefully next time….

        1. Chrome Book Pixel alone wouldn’t have been worth the astronomically price flight and hotel cost, but from what i’ve seen of the exhibits, those added to the package would have been worth it if i was single again. Hard to tear myself away from my munchkins….well, while they’re still young.

        2. Again, these are things that could have been summarized in a complimentary email to all users. An entire conference just for that?!?

  10. For developers, it’s a huge success. For those of us that just wanted more consumer products at a developers’ conference, it’s very meh.

    I, for one, am very happy with all that transpired today. :)

  11. I really like the Hangouts app. I NEVER used it when it was a part of Google+. I am truly disappointed that there was not a unified messaging app that included Voice, MMS and SMS with Talk. Maybe NEXT year. :(

    1. I think Voice, MMS, and SMS are coming, but then, I think they have to be careful of two things – 1) they don’t want Hangouts to become a mess of confusing interfaces. 2) They don’t want to piss off the mobile carriers who today carry Android. Providing voice/SMS/MMS service could step on some toes there.

      1. iMessage does it and does it well. It’s the one thing I am jealous of iPhone users for.

        1. Yea, iMessage is the best thing about iOS. It seems like everyone I know uses it. I text more on my work phone (iPhone 5) than my personal phone (Incredible 4G rooted w/CM10.1)

        2. …when its working. Its not very reliable.

    2. I’m hoping that with the update to Android in the fall they integrate GVoice, MMS, SMS and Hangouts/Talk as one or at least update GVoice to support MMS. I use GVoive for my texting needs on vzw and I only have the 250 text plan to keep the bill down. The only time I text anyone using the native vzw message is when I’m sending that person a picture because GVoice has no support for MMS. If the person uses whatsapp I send the picture using whatsapp.

    3. If the hangouts app didn’t remove the buddy list i’d be much happier. If only it’d tell me when users are offline/idle/available again. How did they think removing that to add emoji would be ok?

  12. It was good. I had no problem with hardware not being the focus here. Everyone knows that hardware is becoming a commodity anyway. Google flexed its cloud muscles a lot during this show. Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft all should be worried. Google all but reduced iCloud to rubble during this show.

  13. new android version: kat food, hey you never know

  14. Vow waiting for Android Studio IDE .. http://www.developerscode.com/

  15. We have 2 more days to go, so I’d have to wait till after to give my actual opinion

  16. I just hope game developers implement game sync quickly. I can see most not bothering which would be a shame.

    1. Beach buggy banzai is already updated. I suspect all the big game shops will jump on this…

  17. I think the two previous ones were the ones that failed. Finally, Google I/O is about what it was supposed to be: Developers. I guess that the things introduced in I/O 2013 can really make Android jump into a new era.
    And from my non-developer poin of view , I can’t complain about Maps, G+, S4 Google Edition (if it comes to Europe), Play Music All Access, etc.

  18. I’m really looking forward to the Games Service and getting my hands on Android Studio.

    And Google Hangouts is pretty cool too.

  19. I don’t think it was a waste. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but they improved a lot of stuff and that’s what I’m looking for. They will probably have a big release for 5.0

  20. I really enjoyed it, loads of good stuff.

    It was not the OMGAWESOME that previous I/Os were though, and that’s disappointed a lot of people i think. Google has built up a reputation for the most epic conferences ever, and they didn’t quite live up to that reputation this time around.

    I guess that’s the risk that you take by being awesome though.

    Also I think a LOT of people were, for right or for wrong, disappointed by no new version of android – even if just a 4.3 patch.

    Personally, I was hoping to hear something new about Glass…. I will be disappointed every single day google does not announce a prescription model.

  21. It was awesome. In one hit they showed how they’re solving the fragmentation problem. Google services is available for Froyo and up. The only problem older devices will have is hardware restrictions.

  22. We users actually HAVE something. Most I/O conferences show the promise of things to come or you need to buy a new device or wait for your carrier to upgrade to the latest version (but don’t hold your breath). Today we immediately have the latest Google offers AND we know we have more coming soon. It is like having your birthday in November. You know you are getting your presents and even more presents are right around the corner.

    I think it is much better to have the interface/app changes immediately and wait for major os changes spaced out. This will (hopefully) allow all carriers to update to the “current” code and then have “the next big thing” for those buying a new device. I hope it will allow this type of refresh: 1) buy a new device with latest and greatest 2) a year later have the OS updated by the carriers 3) a year later buy the next latest hw with the latest OS. All during that time, we can have bells and whistle updates like we saw today. I think this will keep users happy knowing that they have made a good investment in Android – always reaping rewards.

  23. As a non-developer it was the worst Keynote ever. I’m actually looking forward to Apple’s for the first time in years because of how bad this was.

    Key Lime Pie and an LTE Nexus please.

  24. I am not a dev. However, the features that they are bringing for the devs, I have to admit, is pretty cool for you guys. My mother is a teacher and I was impressed with what Google announced for the education side. I believe this year was a success. The only thing I that upset me was the pricing of the S4. Other than that, just because it didn’t have all the consumers eye candy and such doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful. As a consumer, geek, and a Google fanatic, I am loving All Access. I have been a Pandora fan for years. Not even Spotify made me switch to them. However, now that I am testing out All Access, I am looking at not renewing my Pandora subscription……………………………….Jesus people, Google is NOT Apple! Give Google credit for that!!! At least there are innovating. :)

  25. I think this was an awesome I/O. I am not a developer, far from it, but it made me realize how serious Google is about Android. They are not cutting corners, they are not going to let the carriers get the best of them, and they are going to give the consumers the best experience possible, by making the developers able to be better developers. Build from within is what I got from this.

  26. I’m no developer. I liked a lot of what was announced and proposed. I hope that Google will put as much attention-to-detail into Motorola as they are displaying with Android. The X rumors are nice….but rumors are just hyped-up opinions. As a consumer, I’m anxious for more and better products, but this conference has given us some really great services.

  27. No matter what it is people will always find something to b**ch, moan and complain….

  28. My only disappoint came from Hangouts… I love my Google Talk. I like it being a separate application. The functionality of Hangouts is cool and all. Just wish it was more than a Chrome plugin on the desktop side.

  29. Developer APIs were HUGELY improved…should make development a lot easier.
    The Chromebook Pixel was as they said in a presentation slide, “Meh” is the technical term for it :-) Overpriced in the first place…not enough memory or disk to run Linux on it. They should have given away Project Shields to underscore the gaming theme.

  30. I feel like Google is trying to give its releases of Android and Nexi their own show. I feel like this one was for the developers and the next one will be for the consumers. I think that is what google is trying to do is get the Android fanboys whom are not developers out of where they should not be and taking up useful seats @ IO. I went in 2011, I am a computer science student so for me it was very informative but there were sooo many good tech talks that were pretty much empty.. It was ridiculous. Maybe after this year now that it has went back to a developer conference and there were less “consumer” announcements, the non-developers will not show up and let the real developers have a chance at attending this thing..

  31. .

    So far, it has been a REAL disappointment. Sad, really.

  32. The reaction of the audience at the $649 price reveal of the GS4 was so classic.

  33. For everyone who thought the conference was a failure for consumers, would your opinion have changed if they had spent less than 5 minutes talking about a revamped Nexus 7 or if the Google edition GS4 were priced at under $400?

    For me personally, the Android Studio and Google Play for Education demos were enough to call the conference a success.

  34. This was a huge hit if you’re a developer. I can understand how the average person might have been a little underwhelmed because there was no barrage of new hardware or Android versions, etc. However this is a developer conference and the number and quality of new tools that were revealed for developers is awesome. Android Studio, Google Play Games, updated Android Location Services, Google+ Signin improvements, and a ton more.

    Also we can see Google+ becoming a simple hub for all Google-tied development as it is the gateway to all Google services. It’s now so much easier than ever to bring Google into your app and I think/hope we’ll see an explosion of that kind soon.

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