Samsung working on Gear Solo, a standalone SIM enabled smartwatch [RUMOR]



Sources out of the Korea Herald are suggesting we might soon see yet another Samsung Gear variant, this time dubbed the Samsung Gear Solo. As the name suggests, the smartwatch would be a standalone device, meaning it wouldn’t require a smartphone to receive data or make phone calls. The SIM enabled smartwatch would be more along the lines of the Omate TrueSmart watch we took a look at during CES 2014, only more than likely a lot more streamlined.

Apparently the watch could launch sooner rather than later, with Samsung teaming up with SK Telecom to launch the standalone smartwatch in the coming weeks. It’s still unclear if Samsung will debut the watch outside their homeland of Korea, but the fact that Samsung recently trademarked the name “Gear Solo” lets us know this is in fact a real thing. Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t make the mistake of choosing Jason Derulo as the Gear Solo’s creative director.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Still wouldn’t be anything new watches like these has been around for awhile just never seemed to take course until recently.

  2. Good luck watching videos, surfing the Web, texting, emailing, document viewing, gaming etc… . Shiz, if I had a smart watch instead of a smartphone I wouldn’t even be able to comment on this article. All the people complaining about having a standalone smartwatch haven’t really thought about the shortcomings. What’s the point of having a standalone smartwatch if you still need your smartphone. The only standalone features I need in a smart watch are mp3 player and fitness tracking. Hate having to carry around my phone at the gym, cracked 3 screens that way.

    1. if it functions as a phone(which any standalone smartwatch should) you can use a tablet for your internet needs instead(tethered to your watch for mobile internet)

      1. If you’re going to lug a tablet around with you everywhere while wearing the watch, why not just get a single device(smartphone) that’s much more portable and is multi functional. Let’s face it, all a smart watch does is display notifications, so it’s mandatory to carry a second device with you anyway. What I’m getting to is that Smart watches aren’t really a necessity and having a standalone watch is just a novelty, it doesn’t fix the problem of having to carry more things with you it just makes it worse. Not to mention that even it were a standalone phone, you would have to be on speaker phone all the time which = no privacy unless you have a bluetooth headset on. Now youre carrying three devices around (tablet+smartwatch+bluetooth headset lol.

  3. I hate their font.

  4. Samsung don’t get it.


  5. it looks like an apple iWatch

  6. I could see this being very useful especially depending on the sort of work you do. My previous career I ended up with more than one “ruggedized” phone/phone in case destroyed because there was no way to stay in contact and not bring it. I could see wearing one of these then either switching to a tablet or putting the Sim card into a regular smart phone in calmer environments

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