Google sneaks new “People” section into Play Store, lets you see what apps your friends are sharing


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Don’t look now… well, OK maybe you can look now, but a new version of the Play Store might have been pushed over to your device. This isn’t some minor bug-fixing affair, either — Google’s added a big new feature that could make it easier to discover apps your friends recommend.

An all new “People” section has crept into the sidebar menu, and it serves to show you everything your Google+ peeps share within the Play Store. Whether they’ve talked about a favorite app, book, movie or album, you’ll see all their latest recommendations.

The new section will also show you what your friends rated those apps, so you can easily see if it’s worth a quick download or if they were condemning it to the dark pits of the netherworld. It’s up to you to discover why they’ve been buzzing about it, so be sure to check it out on your phone by heading to the Play Store (you may need to clear cache and / or data for it to begin showing up).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Can you print an article on how to opt out of this or how to turn it off? Seems that Google is taking everyone’s privacy and making it as public as possible. You can’t even download an app to your phone without Google blasting it to the world now.

    1. Doesn’t show the apps you download, only the apps you plus, or rate.

      1. And what if I don’t want people to know what apps, movies, etc etc I rate?

        1. Rating is necessarily for public consumption.

          1. So is addressing people’s privacy concerns. Don’t dismiss them just because you’re indifferent.

          2. If you don’t want others to see your rating, don’t rate. You can’t put something in the public domain and then cry privacy.

          3. @Chandan Reviews posted maybe a public domain, but Google went ahead and pretty much NOTIFY ALL of your friends on EXACTLY what I DOWNLOADED (you cannot enter review without downloading the app).

            Look at Amazon – you can post bazillion of reviews, but Amazon will not aggregate those reviews and display it to your friends. None of my friends will know WHICH product I bought – they can’t just search for product A and find out if I have it or just search by my name (Google+ wants real name too!)

            Besides Privacy, this can be an issue with stalking – somebody can check what app you use and have an idea of how you live your life. I.e. which banks do you use, if you’re an outdoor person, if you have an account for a particular website, etc. This is why LinkedIn now have a “Block” feature.

          4. Dont rate anything you are ashamed of. If you can’t tell someone about, you probaly shouldn’t de downloading it. Conscience much?

          5. What a person being ashamed of is relative. If, for example, the travel website or the airlines that you use to travel start posting information all over the net, say where you go, which hotel you stay, how long did you stay, who did you go to, would you like that? Not your last trip, but each of the trip you took for the rest of your life. There’s nothing to be ashamed about this, right? But you will NOT want that information available.

            But you’re missing the whole point – we didn’t ask Google to look at our address book and share our activities in any Google apps. Furthermore, there is no way to opt-out. This is why Google is in hotbed with the EU.

            If you do, then well, that’s your choice I guess.

          6. Now now Chuck…I certainly would be inclined to agree with your example, however, you are commenting in a hypothetical sense. Had this been a situation pertaining to the example provided I would say I was being stalked, screaming 4th Admendment violations and would be as pissed off as you are about this whole ordeal. However, this is simply providing your information on apps from the Google Play Store. I don’t find this NSA related nor do I find any 4th Admendment violations. Terms and agreements, that most of us dont read (guilty myself at times), will usually address the company’s intentions when it pertains to your information. As sheeple, “we”(as I am guilty myself) normally just click all the boxes agreeing to these terms and agreements just to move on to the next part of the initial setup or installment. I am somewhat of a conspiracy theorist myself but I have my limitations. LOL.

          7. I bank with Bank of America. Can you find me? Huh? What’ch gonna do Chuck..huh..what’cha gonna do? LOL!

          8. Does BofA connect to your Gmail account and share your bank activities to all you friends in your address book, BofA websites and other public domain? LOL!

            Next time, try to read and NOT compare apple and oranges – you’ll look smarter. LOL!

          9. Not yet. Would love that feature though!

          10. You do, I don’t.

            This is called consumer choice. That’s why your bank send the annual privacy notice on your choice to limit sharing.

          11. Before this feature, whatever app you rated could possibly be seen by someone you know. I look at ratings all the time before I download an app. Whenever you rate an app it is public knowledge. Try it right now (look at the ratings of an app). See! There’s people giving ratings.

    2. This is why I never set up a Google+ account.

      1. ?? This was just implemented……. so not really the reason why!

    3. Literally no one I know uses Google+. They all use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, some Twitter but not Google+. Most don’t even know what it is.

  2. Damn now everyone will know I download stripper live wallpapers

    1. I think it’s only for apps you’ve written reviews or +1’d them , no?

      1. Yeah your right, im in the clear for now lol

  3. Great! Now I know which of my G+ contacts are idiots. :-P

  4. Aw crap. I need to go review my reviews

  5. Google is a global metadata surveillance organization with no oversight. #RIR
    What did you think they were doing with all your metadata; sharing it with your friends or selling it to private companies?

  6. I got the 6th best in my group – let’s hit when you do fall in love with this number game..

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