CyanogenMod reveals new branding that represents openness, security and customization


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Well, folks, it looks like CyanogenMod, Inc. is starting to shape up to look like a real legit company. The company has already made big deals with phone manufacturers and successfully raised a good deal of money to help in their endeavors, and now they are making some changes to the way they present themselves.

Introducing the new CyanogenMOd branding. The logo sits above — clean, cool, calm, collected, and cyan. Oh, yes, lots of cyan. But the logo isn’t just a pretty collection of lines and pleasing colors. CyanogenMod designed it to be a symbol.

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We’ll start with the centerpiece, which is said to be the heart of the logo. It represents the user, and their ability to customize the experience to fit their needs. That is to say, the user is the most important aspect of everything CyanogenMod does, and there will always be a commitment to give you the flexibility to do what you want and need.

Tying into that flexiblity is openness, because nothing says customizable like being able to get your paws wet deep within the source code. CyanogenMod is always open source, so you can take a build, do what you’d like with it and build it for yourself. Of course, the company expects proper credit should you publicly distribute it for others to use, but they aren’t asking for much more than that.

Finally, the user should be able to do all of this with a platform that they can be sure is secure. No NSA backdoors, no snooping, no nothing — simply use it, and have peace of mind doing so. That’s the CyanogeMod way.

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What’s going to happen with Cid, the former mascot and logo? Well, he’s not going anywhere — he’ll be a staple of the vast community that surrounds CyanogenMod, and he’ll be along for the ride to see everyone through all the highs (and maybe some lows) in this exciting ride.

We like it. Nay, we love it, and everything that it stands for. Branding seems so simple from the outside looking in, but it’s these core values CyanogenMod were built on, and we’re glad to see that the company hasn’t lost sight of that even in their proudest moments. Be sure to read their take over at the CyanogenMod blog.

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  1. Yeah!!! Bring Out The Strippers!!!

    1. I got the coke!! Oh wait. Wrong party.

    2. Bring out the Danish chicks and cream soda!

      1. Square

  2. Folks at the OnePlus forum are trying to figure out if that thumbnail is actually a picture of the One.

  3. When is Google going to buy CyanogenMod? The Android OS will be even more awesome!!

    1. That would make for crazier news than the Oneplus phone and Project Ara’s release date mixed into one.

  4. what part is better already??

  5. i so wish i could get cyanogen on my DROID RAZR MAXX HD.

    1. It doesn’t exist for it? That’s a damn shame. How so?

  6. they still don’t have vzw note 2 or 3 and doubtful they will and def don’t have a full feature set that the device gives. still dissapointed

    1. No offense but while some of the Note 2’s feature are very useful many are neat but don’t have a great deal of practical usage for many people. Many of the software features are cool but ultimately won’t be used that often.

      1. You love to hear yourself

    2. It’s Verizon. The word “horizon” is almost in it. You know, that thing you often see in the distance but can never quite reach? That’s the personification of the level of products/service Verizon offers.

    3. What would you really miss from the Samsung features/software that Cyan may or may not have?

  7. Hmm… This news just makes me sad. Damn you Verizon and your unlimited data.

    1. Moto X developer edition + Motorola financing


      HTC One S-Off ($300 used)

      1. I have a m8 off contract and I didn’t know Verizon had financing. Paid off contract price.

  8. That’s cute.. Just like red flop was supposed to be open and free yet they found a way to close Linux and have people pay for it.

    1. What are you talking about?

      1. they are referring to Red Hat Linux

        1. And obviously clueless about what Red Hat is all about too

          1. Ugh what a dolt; I thought he might have been saying that.

            It’s called CentOS man

  9. I always hated that ridiculous logo they had previously. This one looks much more professional and less like it came from a couple of kids in their parents basement.
    Well done CM devs! Good luck!

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