Google unveils new rewards for Google Play Points users


One of the advantages of Android is that you can install third-party app stores. This gives users access to apps that might otherwise not be available via Google Play. To encourage users to use Google Play, Google implemented the Google Play Points system which rewards users with points for spending money in the Play Store.

To further encourage users to download and purchase apps and other items from the Play Store, Google has since announced that they will be introducing new perks and rewards for Play Points users.

One of those new perks is access to brand new games. One of those upcoming games is Squad Busters. Google Play points users who are at Diamond, Platinum, and Gold levels will get exclusive early access to it. Another perk is that members will get to access VIP experiences at various gaming and entertainment events. If you enjoy attending these types of events in person, this could be something worth checking out.

Last but not least, Google has announced that members will now have a way to win prizes. This will come in the form of Diamond Valley, a treasure hunt mini game. The game was previously launched in Korea and Japan, but will launch in the US on June 17. Players will need to seek out diamonds in the game and they will then stand a chance to win prizes.

These prizes include Google devices like Pixel handsets. It also includes exclusive merch from your favorite games, as well as bonus points.

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