Mar 31st, 2014


OnePlus has always said their version of CyanogenMod would be a little bit different than what users are used to from the custom ROM. The OnePlus One has been built from the ground up for CyanogenMod, after all, and it deserves some special attention for the first launch of this exciting new smartphone. But how, exactly, will it change?

That story hasn’t been fully told yet, though early details confirm CyanogenMod will implement always-listening hands-free voice controls. A new leak today gives us a bit more, though, with the first shots of the lock-screen being leaked to Engadget.

The lock-screen includes a healthy helping of Blue, natch, and feeds typical information such as time, date, battery life and latest messages and appointments. It also shows a nice blurred image to jazz it up a bit. All in all it looks aesthetically pleasing, and if you don’t like the lock-screen there are sure to be replacements that fit your needs in Google Play.

The latest screens also confirm that the OnePlus One will utilize software buttons, so there’s our first bit of confirmation about the phone’s design ahead of its full unveiling taking place late next month. Further details from the leak confirm that this build will be KitKat based, with OnePlus’s fork specifically called CyanogenMod 11S.

That’s all we have to go on right now, but all should be told April 23rd when they finally take the wraps off this thing.

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