Here’s our first glimpse at CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One



OnePlus has always said their version of CyanogenMod would be a little bit different than what users are used to from the custom ROM. The OnePlus One has been built from the ground up for CyanogenMod, after all, and it deserves some special attention for the first launch of this exciting new smartphone. But how, exactly, will it change?

That story hasn’t been fully told yet, though early details confirm CyanogenMod will implement always-listening hands-free voice controls. A new leak today gives us a bit more, though, with the first shots of the lock-screen being leaked to Engadget.

The lock-screen includes a healthy helping of Blue, natch, and feeds typical information such as time, date, battery life and latest messages and appointments. It also shows a nice blurred image to jazz it up a bit. All in all it looks aesthetically pleasing, and if you don’t like the lock-screen there are sure to be replacements that fit your needs in Google Play.

The latest screens also confirm that the OnePlus One will utilize software buttons, so there’s our first bit of confirmation about the phone’s design ahead of its full unveiling taking place late next month. Further details from the leak confirm that this build will be KitKat based, with OnePlus’s fork specifically called CyanogenMod 11S.

That’s all we have to go on right now, but all should be told April 23rd when they finally take the wraps off this thing.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wait for it..

  2. Given the price point it’s supposed to be sold at, I may give it a test drive along side my Nexus 5 once it is released, if LTE access is available.

    1. What do you think the price point will be?

      1. I believe they said it would be less than $400.

      2. Yes, it is said to be sold for less than $400. And, if I remember correctly, they also said “priced below $400 doesn’t mean $399.”

        1. I somehow missed that. So then I guess it will be $349.

    2. Yeah, I’ve thought of it as something like the Nexus 5S (if I dare to use apple notation). It’s definitely an upgrade though.

  3. If you don’t like the new CyanogenMod custom UI, you can just toggle a switch and go back to the stock Android UI and #HOLOYOLO.

    1. lol @ #HOLOYOLO

    2. Why can’t Google see how a large portion of consumers want more freedom with their devices? CM is a prime example of the massive popularity of features and capabilities you can only get with root access. Why can’t Google provide this directly?

      I had to Jailbreak my iOS devices in the past just to open features that were standard on Android at the time. Now, it’s not as difficult to root a device as it is to JB an iOS device but it’s still unnecessary to have to do that to have root access.

      1. Sorry I lost you at Jailbreak hahaha

        1. Hehe, those were dark days friend. So annoying having to wait for some wizard to find an exploit to the latest iOS version. I made the switch when the GS2 came out, it was the right time to jump ship for me.

  4. The name is so close to perfect, it should have been the OnePlus PlusOne.

  5. I’ve tried CM on my Nexus 5 and I’m sorry, but I’m disappointed. Not going to go into great detail why because I’m not doing a review right now. What ROM really surprised me and is now my DD is LiquidSmooth ROM! Best ROM imho. And as far as the 1+1 phone.. No thanks, but looking forward to seeing it and what it brings to the table!

  6. How about they hand over that lockscreen?

  7. I have a M8 but I’m excited just to see the phone. Wonder what they skimped on.

  8. special attention yes, special features no

    I know I’m swimming against the tide, but why oh why can’t companies (and more tech writers) see the benefit of not splitting out code (call it fragmentation or whatever – it’s bad no matter what its name). Imagine if the OnePlus One was viewed more like a reference phone. Does CM XX.X have a bug? Let’s see what happens on the OnePlus in the same situation … I want to be able to tell friends and family exactly what to do for a specific purpose and it’s annoying when instructions for my Samsung Galaxy Note II are meaningless to the other persons LG G2.

    On the one aspect of wake up by voice only: Not a feature I care about at all (I’d rather have double tap screen to wake up), but if it is something that can be configured on or off and exists in all the versions, but a warning pops up when hardware is detected which does not support low power listening, I’m fine with that.

    It’s so disappointing to hear Android (and it seems Ubuntu) say the same old tired arguments about the benefits of differentiation. Uggh. Differentiate your phone via themes, configuration, and add ons – not the core OS.

  9. Im liking One +1 so far. Specs is leading it to be a beast of a phone much better than a Nexus 5 spec wise but with the same price point. And with Cyanogenmod built around the actual phone means flawless software. Take my money already!!!

  10. quick question, Oppo Find 7, OnePlus One, or LG G3?

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