Music Boss for Pebble update adds Chromecast controls


music boss for pebble

Music Boss for Pebble is receiving a great new update that will bring key functionality for Chrome users. You will now be able to control your Chromecast’s volume and playback from your Pebble smart watch. It doesn’t cover the full gamut of features you’d probably need, such as shuffle and repeat, but you will be able to pause and resume playback, and adjust volume with ease.

Music Boss works with many different media players, including Google Play Music, Netflix, Songza and more, and can bet setup to work only with apps which respond to media buttons. Setup isn’t too complicated, either — you can find the quick and easy steps to get your Pebble setup with your Chromecast right here.

The app is $1.99 in the Google Play Store, but many users swear by its usefulness. Count your pennies up and head to the Google Play Store to buy it, and those who have already dropped coin for it will obviously be treated to a free upgrade.

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