Feb 27th, 2014

One of the first things you can do when you launch your first smartphone is to price yourself out of the market, and OnePlus knows they can’t make that mistake. That’s why Pete Lau and his company were proud to announce that their device would come in at under $400. The announcement was rather suggestive, with OnePlus poking fun at other companies who tout numbers like “under $500” when they really tend to mean “one cent less than $500.”

So what does “definitely under $400” mean? Well, it could mean $399.99, though OnePlus isn’t interested in setting a hard price point at this time. We imagine they’ll look to target that sweet $350 price point that Google has launched the Nexus 5 at, which — at the least — would definitely make many smartphone buyers stand up and take notice.

Other factors sure to make folks take notice is the fact that the phone is being built from the ground up not only for CyanogenMod, but by CyanogenMod. If you don’t remember, CyanogenMod and OnePlus teamed up to craft their vision of what the perfect phone would be. We’re still not entirely sure what that vision entails, but we should be hearing more soon — the OnePlus One is due out in the second quarter of this year.

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