OnePlus One camera revealed to be a 13 megapixel Sony Exmor sensor that can shoot 4K video



The OnePlus One is shaping up to be quite the phone with each and every passing day. Pete Lau continues OnePlus’s onslaught of information with details about the camera sensor, which has been revealed to be Sony’s 13-megapixel Exmor IMX214 module. This is an f/2.0 element that has been custom-fit with six lens pieces to provide great low-light performance, color and sharpness without having to deal with visual distortion at the edges of photos.

Furthermore, the sensor will have optical image stabilization, can shoot 4K video, and can shoot 120fps slow motion video at 720p HD resolution. We also learn OnePlus has decided to add a 5 megapixel camera to the front, which should definitely suffice for the purpose of holding video calls and taking those all-important selfies.

Previous specs outed to date have been the Snapdragon 800 processor, as well as the device’s 5.5-inch 1080p HD display. We also know that the device will house a nice 3,100mAh battery. OnePlus also revealed a feature that will allow you to use voice commands without having to touch the device.

Unfortunately we have yet to see any shots of the device itself, though some newly leaked sketches over the weekend give us a taste of what we could expect once Pete Lau and company are finally ready and confident enough to show it off.

We weren’t sure what sort of device we could expect after hearing OnePlus had a price tag of under $400 in mind, but this thing is shaping up to be quite the monster that we wouldn’t mind dropping that much money for. Be sure to keep it tuned to all of our OnePlus One coverage by hitting this link, and look out for the device’s launch in the second quarter of this year.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. I’m looking forward to this device. It’s definitely shaping up to be a monster of a device and more than likely my next device although I was leaning towards the HTC One 2, but with this being under 400 where the HTC One 2 will more than likely be at least $150 more I am starting to lean towards the One+.

  2. 5.5 in screen? Monster battery? 400 bucks? Moto style voice controls?
    Holy baloney, I just found a replacement for my note 2

  3. If this ends up being $400 or under with the specs it has, I’ll add this to my list as a serious contender for my next phone.

  4. Oooh, getting hot and bothered here. : D Seriously considering this.

  5. Too good to be true, especially for ≈$400…Hope they pull it off..please have a 32gb version…

      1. all of the sizes you are talking are tiny for a device that claims to shoot true 4k video. 4k video files are huge when uncompressed. like nearly 30gb/minute.

    1. Why don’t you just buy a 128GB MicroSD card and call it a day?

      1. No SD card slot on this bad boy. That is becoming pretty rare.

  6. Officially excited.

  7. I love everything i have read so far, the specs of the screen, camera, battery and price etc. It would be great device to have for Nexus 5 (Eventually Nexus 6) backup.

  8. I would love to get one, but I doubt it will be available on Verizon :(

    1. it wont…sorry

    2. lol Verizon

  9. My Next Obama Phone Lol

  10. OnePlus One equals Two. this is actually going to be HTC 2015 flagship phone HTC Two (aka M9)!!

  11. The fact that this will have a f/2.0 element for the camera at 13mp is pretty amazing, the HTC One use that same aperture on a 4mp lense and what I read is that adding more pixels would cause the phone to have a camera hump to incorporate that. Wondering how this has been solved and if so will HTC implement that as well. Overall this looks to be a strong phone.

    1. Adding more sensor area with a fixed aperture does increase the thickness obviously. Otherwise high end phones would have bigger sensors and certain Nokia phones wouldn’t be as thick as they are. However, we don’t know what the sensor area is (a quick search didn’t tell me at least), so it’s possible the area/pixel is reduced to pack in the 13 MP. We’ll see.

      Another point – the forums at Oneplus don’t make it clear that it has OIS. Pete says IS+ but I didn’t see a response to a question about whether the technology was optical (i.e. part of the module moves) or software based (desmearing algorithms take input from gyroscope to know which direction the motion was in).

      1. which for OIS means it’s likely digital only with no OIS. Sad Panda.

  12. Add me to the “to good to be true” camp. I just dont see a $400 device when it’s all said & done. It’ll probably ring in at the same price tag as all the other heavyweight contenders.

    1. $500 at the most and its highly unlikely to even be that much.

  13. Wonder if it will have an IR blaster. From henceforth onwards I think it will be a required feature for me…. I’ve just become too addicted to whipping it out and changing the channel for my wife.

    1. won’t have it…sorry.

  14. If this really ends up being $400, they might pull me away from the M8.

  15. Wonder what providers it’ll be available for?

  16. The new Xperia Z3 will probably have 4K video capabilities, so I’ll wait for it :)


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