Are these sketches our first look at the OnePlus One design?



The folks at BGR may have given us our first glimpse at the upcoming OnePlus One. A device that, up until now, has been shrouded in mystery, the only thing we really know about the phone are a few key specs the OnePlus team has revealed on their Google+ hype-page. Here’s what we know so far…

Official OnePlus One specs (so far)

Okay, so it’s not an actual picture of the device in the wild, just a few sketches drawn up by the design team. Still unclear is how far along the design was in these sketches, and if the final retail version will look similar or drastically different. If you look carefully, you’ll notice some notes jotted down hinting at an aluminum unibody design, and a power button along the side (ala Sony Xperia Z2).

Where the recently leaked Oppo Find 7 may have left some feeling underwhelmed in terms of overall design (we’ll admit, it does look a bit generic), it’s clear that the OnePlus team will be placing a big emphasis on the looks of their new smartphone (as well as specs). First impressions are important, after all.

The OnePlus One will be officially unveiled on March 17th, but because the OnePlus fellas are on the other side of the globe (in the future), we should see it as early as the 16th. Anyone think this new smartphone can possibly live up to the hype?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’m interested,provided it comes in a different color than the one shown………………….. ;-D

    1. I actually dig the color, it is a little bit retro lookin.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this… Likely to be my next phone if it stays true to it’s claims.

    1. Same. That is if it is released before May.

      1. Announced probably, but not released. : / Just hang on in there! I’m rocking a Desire HD, but I’m feeling more and more the OnePlus will be worth the wait. : )

  3. not a fan of the size of the screen …

  4. the oneplus will NOT be officially unveiled on march 17th.

    march 17th will most likely be the camera tech reveal as their picture contest ends a day before.

  5. i said 1mm bezels all around… fingers crossed!!!

  6. LTE support for tmobile will make this my next phone. Cant wait.

    1. They’ve already announced full LTE support for AT&T and T-Mobile

      1. Do we know if it will support Sprint bands? I’m pretty interested in getting on board, but am stuck on a Sprint account because of work.

        1. Gsm only…sorry bro.

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