Mar 7th, 2014


Google has delivered an update to Play Music for Android, adding the ability to create a radio station based on user-created playlists. The release is the latest in a line of incremental updates following a move to Play Music v. 5.4 back in February.

Playlist-based radio stations, like those based on a single song or artist, offer automated music streams based around the listening preferences of the user. With an entire playlist as a basis, that automation should become a bit more granular given the greater selection of user-defined songs to seed Play Music’s radio-generating algorithm.

The latest version of Google Play Music is tagged with version number 5.4.1413N and follows close on the heels of the recent v5.4.1409N release. That update also added radio-related functionality, including the ability to pin stations for offline playback, as well as a number of small UI tweaks and fixes.

Find the latest version of Google Play Music in the Play Music Store. The app itself is free, but to unlock the service’s full potential Google offers its All Access subscription for $9.99 per month.

Download: Google Play Music