Moto X goes collegiate — new colors and college logos added to available customizations


moto-x-College Collection

Just in time for March Madness, Motorola is letting your wear your college pride right on your sleeve. Actually, they are letting you wear your college pride right on your phone with new customization options being rolled out to Moto Maker. The Moto X College Collection combines official school logos with new back and accent color options to create any true fan’s dream phone.

Motorola parsed through the numerous college color schemes and settled on nine new additions to their selection of back cover colors as well as three new accent colors. While this doesn’t include all the various shades that different schools use, Moto feels they offer enough variety to get a close approximation (in reality, the results are often far from perfect). A selection of clear cases emblazoned with official college logos rounds out the look. As of now, 40 different schools are available with more planned in the future.

The logos are a nice addition, but the big news really is the addition of new color options for Motos in the making. This marks the first major addition (other than wood back plate options) to the Moto X creation service’s list of customization options since it launched last year.

As a bonus, Motorola is offering education discounts for those purchasing the device with a registered .edu email address. Check out all of the Moto X College Collection options at Motorola’s site.

[via Motorola]

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  1. anyone know where you can grab those clear cases(minus the logos) for cheap…their to much on motos site to spend on a case and i been looking for a clear case for my x and havent found a good enough one yet

  2. That Notre Dame version is about the only thing I’d consider giving up my Nexus 5 for. Great idea on Moto’s part.

  3. Not a single North Carolina team… wow, they are missing out on a LOT of sales there.

  4. Very tempting. Especially with the $60 discount for .edu

  5. Not that I actually care, but they are missing ohio state and USC……that’s just not very smart;)

    1. That’s because they still rely on carrier pigeons in Columbus.

  6. This is dumb. It’s just an expensive clear case over the current color palette. I’m sorry Florida and Kentucky do NOT have the same Blue, nor do Tennessee and Texas for Orange.
    And since they were getting licensing, you’d think they’d have the wallpapers to match the logo, not the stock ones from the motomaker site,not that a wallpaper is make or break, but it should jive with your theme. Red apartment building on Cinci, LVille and Georgia? What?

  7. Moto college fail. Why didn’t they think to put a black border/background underneath the logos? Slapping an orange logo directly on top of an orange back plate or red logo on red back plate is just stupid. The only ones that look half decent are the White back plates with alternate colored logos.

  8. Also, those that are students, faculty, and staff with a valid *.edu email address can purchase a Moto X for $339 off contract. That’s $60 off. Not bad.

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