Feb 13th, 2014


A great new update for Google Play Music has hit the Play Store, giving us a couple of key features that should make a whole lot of lives easier. The biggest addition is the ability to deactivate connected devices from our account using the mobile app instead of having to head to the website.

In case you didn’t know, Google Play Music had a 10 device limit and you wouldn’t be able to use more devices than that unless you deactivated one. This feature makes it so that we no longer have to venture off to the cumbersome website to take care of that.

Play Music also brings a few UI tweaks, though they don’t amount to much more than a bit of reshuffling in the sliding drawer menu. Beyond that, we also see a move of the Chromecast button to a spot just above the playback controls. You’ll be looking for version 5.4 in the Google Play Store, so be sure to get a move on downloading it if any of these changes mean anything to you.