Google Play Music update finally allows you to deactivate connected devices



A great new update for Google Play Music has hit the Play Store, giving us a couple of key features that should make a whole lot of lives easier. The biggest addition is the ability to deactivate connected devices from our account using the mobile app instead of having to head to the website.

In case you didn’t know, Google Play Music had a 10 device limit and you wouldn’t be able to use more devices than that unless you deactivated one. This feature makes it so that we no longer have to venture off to the cumbersome website to take care of that.

Play Music also brings a few UI tweaks, though they don’t amount to much more than a bit of reshuffling in the sliding drawer menu. Beyond that, we also see a move of the Chromecast button to a spot just above the playback controls. You’ll be looking for version 5.4 in the Google Play Store, so be sure to get a move on downloading it if any of these changes mean anything to you.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Well that makes sense

  2. The download hasn’t reached me yet. Can someone tell me if they added back “Play Next”? I NEED that. That was one of my favorite things. =.[

    1. They did, and that’s without question the biggest feature of all, at least… if you like to build playlists while listening.

      The next feature I want added: Synced play queues across devices.

      1. The heavens have heard my prayers.

        And yes, I’d love that too. I’d be listening to music at work, then leave and expect the queue to still be there.

        I’d have to make a playlist, I usually name Temp, to continue listening to that queue.

    2. I’m sorry..but what is this Play Next feature? I haven’t used play music in months…..

      1. On the web version: Click the menu icon next to any song. One of your options is “Play Next”. It either adds the song to the current queue and also puts it next in line.

        For a song already in the queue, it puts it next in line.

        This used to be on the mobile version, but was removed.

        I would add songs to current queues with anticipation to hear it next. But now I have to add the song, it gets randomly placed after the currently playing song and I have to scroll it so it can be next.

        That becomes a hassle when you’re at the 1st song. It’s even more of a hassle because scrolling is like super fast so I pass up the current song and since I want to play it next it gets kinda hard trying to be accurate. =.=

        Let me calm down, though before I start telling all my horror stories. LoL!!

        1. oh ok I see…yeah I used to add song to the queue… but then never heard the song… awesome..I may use the app again …..

  3. How do you get rid of the instant mix icons that stay permanently in your Google Music album covers, I cant seem to delete them after creating them.

  4. how about uploading from mobile device……

  5. Hmmm…My installed Google Play Music shows 5.3 but Play Store shows 5.4 With only options “Open” or “Uninstall”. No update option. Is this rollining out limited? I guess I could uninstall and then reinstall maybe.

  6. I can’t even add a single come

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