Samsung S Circle looks to be yet another wearable



Samsung gave us an onslaught of wearable at Mobile World Congress with the announcement of the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. It now appears at least one more device in the category is in the works. A filing for a device with the name Samsung S Circle was uncovered over at the Bluetooth SIG, though details on what it could be are plenty scarce.

The most logical connection is to the previously released Samsung S Band, a health and fitness-oriented wristband that could track a wearer’s heart rate. The S Band’s model number carrier similarities to the EI-AN900A designation associated with the S Circle. Both feature the device family prefix “EI.”

The filing dates back to September and October of last year, so the device has been in the works for some time now. Our best guess is that, like the S Band, the S Circle will not feature a display or on board operating system, rather it will simply track data that can be synced to a Galaxy S or other Samsung device. It wouldn’t be too out there to speculate that the wearable could launch close to the release of the the Galaxy S5, but Samsung has announced no such plans as of now and so far made no official mention of the S Circle.

[via Samsung Updates]

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  1. They will announce 5 more by the end of the year, no surprises here, lol!

  2. So this “S Circle” is a wearable that all of does is measure my heart rate? Why make this product? The S5 measures my heart rate, the Galaxy Gear 2 measures my heart rate… Galaxy Gear Fit does it too… Why so much of these hear rate monitors?! What am I going to do with my polar unit now?!

    1. That is Saumsung’s “way”. Blitz the consumers with products that are very alike in function and name.

      1. and then see which ones stick.

  3. If they’re going for the fitness market, all I really want from a wearable:

    – heart rate monitor
    – pedometer
    – gps tracking – I don’t want to drag my phone around just for this
    – stop watch
    – water resistance

    – motion sensor (for sleep activity/running gait)
    – sync with any fitness tracking software via phone post workout

    I’d gladly pay ~$300 for such a device.

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