Jan 17th, 2014 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 3:43 pm

We Are The RhoadsClient: Motorola

As anyone following the saga of the Moto X and its natural finishes has found out, bamboo is not a wood. It’s a grass. That revaluation brought a bit of disappointment for some when the finish was announced as the first natural option for the Moto X. Some wondered if true wood finishes would ever be available. The answer is yes. Today Motorola has announced walnut, teak, and ebony options for the Moto X.

Better still, Motorola is lowering the price point on going natural, dropping the cost from an additional $100 to a more appealing $25. The $75 worth of “savings” applies immediately to the natural bamboo finish. Walnut, teak, and ebony will start at that price when they become available on January 21st.

The Moto X’s natural options are only available through Moto Maker, where the phone can be customized starting at a price of $399 off-contract ($99 with). While the finishes might have changed slightly, a look at Motorola’s wood-backed lineup from the Moto X launch event follows.




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