Samsung Gear Glass patent looks to tackle one of Google Glass’ biggest problems


Samsung Gear Glass patent

There’s no question that one of the biggest challenges facing Google Glass is the wearable’s reliance on voice for most of its input. I’m sure many of you figured this out by now, but voice recognition technology isn’t quite “there yet” (although it’s getting better all the time). And while Glass works pretty damn well in quiet environments, mix in some noisy televisions or the hustle and bustle of a bar and you’ll quickly find that sending messages through Glass is all but impossible.


It was in October of last year that rumors began to swirl around a Samsung-made Google Glass competitor dubbed “Gear Glass.” These rumors were seemingly confirmed after a Samsung patent application revealed, what appeared to be, a prototype design for the upcoming wearable. Today, we may have a better idea of how Samsung is planning on attacking this voice-only input problem with their version of Glass, revealed in a WIPO patent application from August of last year.


The application which describes an “input method for apparatus or portable device” shows what appears to be an augmented reality keyboard super imposed onto the wearer’s hands. Input is entered by using the thumbs to press the corresponding letters displayed on the hand where the camera picks everything up. And where it wouldn’t be the most ideal method for typing out long emails, it could be useful for quick messaging.

Patents applications are never a guarantee that they’ll show up in the real world, even when granted. If nothing else, it shows that Samsung’s gears are turning (see what I did there?) and that the future of wearables will continue to evolve. When can we expect Samsung to unveil their rumored Gear Glass headset? Well, that’s still up in the air.

It was during Mobile World Congress last week that Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5 during their Unpacked 5 event “episode 1.” It’s entirely possible we could see the Gear Glass unveiled during “episode 2” later this year alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Should be an exciting year.

[WIPO | GalaxyClub.NL | via SamMobile]


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  1. Now THAT is innnovation. Dont know how well this would work, but the idea seems pretty darn solid to me.

    On another note. Have any developers (like Swiftkey) come up with anything similar to this (for Google Glass)?

    1. I’m sure people are working on it. The problem with Glass is it’s dang battery life. Using augmented reality apps like this would only further cut into its 4 hours of battery life — something I’m not sure would even be worth it.

      1. Well that’s why the tether on the back of Samsung’s offering is ready to plug into your backpack battery. At a mere ten pounds, you too can use all the features of glass for up to 9 hours without a recharge!

      2. Does Google Glass have some type of power off? Like if it’s not being used, it doesn’t go into standby, it actually turns off.

        1. Yes you can power it down, but it still loses the charge if left too long.

        2. You can power it down (which take FOREVER to power back up again).

          The screen also isn’t on all the time, only when you tap the side or look up. But even when the display is off, it’s constantly losing juice.

          Honestly, I think more of it has to do with the sh*tty OMAP processor than anything. If it was using something like Moto X’s X8, it might last forever.

          Here’s to hoping Google figures it out in time for the consumer release (and I’m sure they will).

      3. What are you using it for to kill it that fast? That battery life sounds kind of poor.

        1. I literally just look at notifications all day, that’s it. Can’t even imagine what it’d be like to actually use the darn thing (taking video, making calls, listening to music, watching YouTube). It’d probably last an hour. :/

  2. I could actually see this working, though I could think of a couple ways to make it more efficient.

  3. It’s going to look like a person counting with their fingers…

  4. Shoot I would have thought a laser virtual projected keyboard was the next step.

    1. Apparently Google has a patent on that one. With Glass’ already abysmal battery life, don’t expect it until Glass v6. :P

  5. I’m afraid to buy Google Glass or anything anymore because Apple might come after me. I think they have the human finger shape patent as well.

  6. Better have all 10 fingers or you’re fucked!

    1. HA! Didn’t even think of that xD

    2. What about those who are born with 11+? Please add optional symbol support on the 11th one.

  7. Well give Samsung a hand!

    1. I see what you did there…

  8. You should of seen what i wrote last night when i had a wank :-]

  9. if you realy think about it, its a bad idea, even if it came from google, if you are going to write something and play with your hands, i think you have ENOUGH time to bring up your phone and text whatever you want, anything else can be fixed via voice commands…

    the Google gear point is to have a hands free assistance not a handsfull

    1. Umm, Google Glass or Samsung Gear…

      1. Both

  10. Interesting idea but any samsung wearable will only work with a couple samsung phones so I won’t be buying it.

  11. Headline should read: Samsung’s patent gives their Gear Glass the upper hand

      1. When do I start?

  12. A t

  13. Am I the only one who rarely uses voice commands on Glass?

    I’m almost always using the TouchPad to navigate rather than voice, mostly because I hate talking.

    1. I think out loud, so sending messages by voice NEVER works for me. I always change my thought midway and it comes out looking like a journal entry. Lol!!

    2. Yeah, I hate speaking voice commands too, but only because I don’t have the clearest voice, which means I’m often repeating myself and looking like an idiot in front of everyone. :/

  14. Pretty cool, they can add a Swype/slide feature and many more things.. I like where this is going, the biggest step would be a clear oled glass display to remove the “scouter effect” (dbz reference) on the display. It would help with the “looking down while walking everywhere syndrome” that smartphone users seem to always have.

  15. I’m imaging me being old on some super smart phone talking about my grandchildren and their “tech”. I’d say they don’t know what it’s like to have to look at a screen and press on that flat surface or struggling to send messages with dirty hands and worrying about dirtying your device.

  16. Awesome.. I’m ready for that!!! SWIFTfinger {°¿¬}

  17. O.k. this looks like a cool idea! I’ll be interested to see how it works out.

  18. “Did you prepare what I said last time?”

    Sounds shady…

  19. OK…so this LOOKS really cool BUT there is NO WAY this will ever make it to market!!! You mentioned talking to Google Glass in a noisy bar how about now try to super-impose AR letters onto your palm in a dark, shitty bar and tell me how well THAT works for ya!!!! HA, what a joke

    1. Ever thought that they may add an LED overlay from the glasses themselves, thus rendering your whole point invalid?

      1. Wow…Andy you are SO SMART my man!!! Maybe they’ll use actual LASERS to burn the overlay onto your palm…..(idiot). Dude there was NO MENTION of an LED overlay so why would I or anyone (you) think that?

        1. Who cares if there was no mention of it, We’re talking about a world leading product manufacturer, I’m sure they’ve got plans to tackle the simple faults that GG has.

          It’s called innovation. Something you have clearly not heard of…

          1. I agree with Andy, and David is definitely an @$$ hole!

        2. And stop with all the caps.

        3. MUST.. TYPE EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS ….. (faggot)

  20. This is just another attempt from the korean guys to hide their faces… I feel bad for them.

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