Oct 24th, 2013


Samsung hasn’t been shy about wanting to be in every space they can, and the South Korean company seems to be ready to tackle yet another market segment. As we’ve heard before, Samsung wants to challenge the smart glasses market that is just now getting off its feet. Google has been the most ambitious player in this arena so far, with Google Glass still in its infancy and awaiting a retail release in 2014.

That said, suspicion that Samsung is working on a solution of their own seems to have been confirmed with the latest patent filing by the company. The patent shows a pair of glasses with a front-mounted camera, buttons on the side, and wired cables that are designed to reach behind your neck, potentially to be plugged into a smartphone. It also sports built-in earbuds for audio.


This design seems quite rudimentary, though it’s possible this is just a prototype. Whatever Samsung is cooking up has the potential to look much different when or if they ever reveal it to the public. It’s also worth nothing Samsung is referring to it as a pair of “sports glasses,” with one of its primary functions being to show relevant information to athletes on a heads-up display.

With that, we’re not sure if Samsung is looking to target a specific market or bring a device for a broad range of consumers, but we hope whatever they do pushes the entirety of this new product category forward (unlike the Galaxy Gear managed to do in its first iteration).

[via Wall Street Journal]

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