Samsung teases a ‘fun’ and ‘fit’ Galaxy ahead of MWC


If there were any remaining doubts about what Samsung is planning on launching at its next unpacked event, you can go ahead and put them to bed. Samsung has released a new teaser that prominently displays the number “5” next to a series of words including “life,” “wet,” “fit,” and “fun.” The final set of words, “the next Galaxy,” all but confirm that we will see the Galaxy S5 some Monday, February 24th.

But the Samsung Galaxy S5, which is rumored to feature a 5.2-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU, won’t be the only device we will see in Barcelona come Monday. While we can search the various words flashed throughout Samsung’s Unpacked teaser for clues, one in particular stands out in relation to another recent rumor. “Fit” is an obvious reference to a focus on health-related apps and services, but could it more specifically reference the Galaxy Gear Fit? The device is said to be a wearable with a focus on health and fitness tracking. It could act as a sort of Galaxy Gear ‘lite’ and offer more basic functionality at a lower price (think Nike FuelBand or FitBit).

The good news is we only have but a few days to wait before we find out what Samsung has up its sleeve this year. We’ll be live from MWC providing up-to-the-minute coverage and a first look at whatever the company has to show off.


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  1. Does wet means that the S5 might be waterproof?

    1. I saw that too! I sure hope so.

      1. The S4 active is waterproof, but the specs are a little inferior compared to the regular S4. It would be awesome if the new S5 is waterproof and not just a version of it.

        1. The only change in the S4 active was that it used an LCD display and the camera dropped to 8MP. Nothing too drastic.

        2. Water resist maybe , like if it just simply got wet, no worries

      2. Yes, A german carrier has already indicated that with a advertisement featuring a cell phone splashiing in the water

    2. Yeah !!

    3. Highly unlikely.

  2. The Complete package

    1. That’s what she said!

  3. At :13, Is that the Galaxy S5???!!!

    1. You can see basically nothing.

      1. Yeah, but that nothing is something more than the nothing I haven’t seen anywhere else… ;-)

        1. It’s nothing.

  4. “life,” “wet,” “fit,” and “fun.”

    Sounds like a dating website profile.

  5. I hope Mr JK Shin wont be talking this time.
    This teaser is really pro unlike other samsung adverts with cringing music etc (ohh that kid in GS4 teaser was horrible).

    1. The GS4 commercials weren’t bad at all, IMO.

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