Jerry Seinfeld’s standup about smartphone users is spot on [VIDEO]


Seinfeld smartphone users

Say what you will about Jerry Seinfeld and his standup comedy act, but the show Seinfeld will forever go down as one of the best comedies of all time — it’s not up for debate. Maybe that’s why I got warm and fuzzy feelings watching him perform some quick standup on The Tonight Show.

In the clip, Jerry tells it like it is, equating smartphone users with French kings and general selfishness. When making calls on your smartphone is quickly becoming a secondary function, it makes you wonder where society is headed. Anyone find it weirdly offensive when someone actually has the audacity to pick up the phone and — GASP! — call you?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. too funny man

    1. Seinfeld just isn’t funny… I’ve always wondered why everyone finds him so entertaining.

  2. The Post Office part is awesome !!!

    1. Seriously – they should just charge $1 for a stamp already. :)

    2. He is right, nobody every says- ” I cant believe stamps are 48 cents these days”- they should charge a buck.
      I write a check put it in the mail and it travels 2k miles and almost always gets where its going…Its worth a buck.

    3. A late rage addressed to newman :)

  3. haha, that was great! nailed it with the “open the letter and email it to me. problem solved”

  4. I have to admit, I like using my phone as a computer replacement, and I’m always reading, watching something or gaming, when people call me while I’m doing any of those things I get highly irritated and rush them off the phone. Ha.

    1. anti social much?

      1. Well at times, obviously.

    2. I’m not used to people calling me so when I am talking to someone on the phone I end up forgetting that I’m using it and look for my phone lol

      1. LOL

  5. Jerry’s still got it. He couldn’t just disappeared with his hundreds of millions of dollars and lost the edge, but nope.

  6. I still don’t understand how he got so famous; he’s just painfully unfunny

    1. You try and make the worlds most successful comedy.

      1. Successful ≠ good

        Justin Beiber is a successful pop singer but that doesn’t mean he’s good

        1. It’s highly regarded as the most successful sitcom of all time and rightly so. Obviously you’re without a sense of humour. That or you’re a half wit.

          1. The sitcom is amazingly funny, yes. Jerry as a stand up comedian? He gets a few laughs but he’s not someone I’d pay more than $10 to see. I think audiences only laugh out of excitement to see him, Jerry Seinfeld, the guy on the best sitcom on TV. I agree with lolwut on this one…

          2. I can’t stand Seinfeld and I know plenty of people that feel the same. His “comedy” is crap

          3. You can’t stand him? What’s wrong with him? He’s a funny guy.

    2. The others (Kramer, George are Elaine) made the show.. And some classic episodes.. “master of my domain”, “soup natzi” etc

      1. “master of my domain” is actually called “The Contest”

    3. no soup for you

    4. It’s just because you like he said only want to hear your half of the conversation. Because of such infantile psychology people, who mastered the art of spoken word now have to be on YouTube, just to get through to you.

    5. You’re painfully stupid. Just kidding. You’re not painful.

  7. That.. was.. AWESOME!

  8. Its hard to believe this guys used to be absolutely hilarious. This was painful to watch.

    1. Jason Alexander is still really funny.

  9. I’ve never much cared for his comedy but this was a good one, loved both parts!

  10. That was just absolutely HORRIBLE. Was I supposed to laugh about smartphone usage and habits? Making fun of the post office and the people who work there? His tv show was just okay. Kramer, pretty much, made that show and situation circumstances the characters were involved in. Seinfeld gets too much undeserved credit for that show. It’s my understanding Larry David was the genius behind that. Seinfeld’s standup is just plain boring.

    1. Larry David was only involved in the earlier half of the series. the show was based on Seinfeld’s standup. lol.

      1. He was involved till about season 7. So 3/4 of the way through.

    2. Bingo!

    3. The show isnt overrated IMO. I dont think his stand up is that good though. Larry and Jerry worked together-I think George represents Larry on the show. Outside of all in the family its the best show to date for me. Cheers is my third pick. I think the sitcom is almost dead these days. Big Bang is good.

      1. Big Bang is terrible. Please don’t ever compare Seinfeld to The Big Bang Theory.

        1. agreed. Big Bang seems to have gone downhill..

          1. Gone downhill implies it was at some point a good show. It is and always has.been an abomination. Steve probably loves it.

    4. Jerry and Larry wrote a lot of it. Jerry deserves a lot of credit.

  11. Glad to see he’s still funny as usual.

  12. Didn’t recognize him without the hair and white sneakers and jeans.. Mind you his smirk was a giveaway

  13. So basically, he’s saying he’s a jerk. His description of scrolling through contacts? Nope, not the way I work. His comment about typing being one sided?!? Is that really his observation on that? Typing/texting is something I actually view as less selfish. I put my thoughts out there and the other person can answer on their own time and terms.A long pause before getting an answer from a text is normal. A long pause on a phone call? I think most people find that awkward.

    1. You’re an idiot. Learn not to get offended to easily.

      1. Ha ha! Wow! You’re a real piece of work. Offended? So pointing out that his assumptions as to how and why other people do things actually reflects that he’s the actual jerk is being called offended these days? Maybe you should buy a dictionary and read it. ;) Maybe you shouldn’t call other people idiots when you’re being the biggest one of them all?

        1. But I’m not. Stay mad.

          1. You can keep telling yourself that but it doesn’t make it true. Good luck in life, sounds like you need it.

          2. Nah I’m alright.

  14. Never watched Seinfeld, too many jew bags on that show

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