Samsung Galaxy S5 “confirmed” specs include Snapdragon 805, 2,560×1,440 display and more


CES is over and we’re getting closer and closer to Mobile World Congress, which likely means we’re getting closer and closer to new phone announcements from the mobile world’s top players. One of those major players is Samsung, and we expect the South Korean electronics giant to announce the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy S (dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S5 if you haven’t already guessed it). Rumors have suggested the announcement will actually come in March, but it’s up in the air at this point.


We’ve heard a lot about this device before, but SamMobile seems to have gotten “confirmation” of the device’s final spec sheet ahead of its likely unveiling in February. Here’s a preliminary list of everything we should expect:

  • Quad HD (2,560×1,440) Super AMOLED display
  • Exynos 6 / Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 16-megapixel camera
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Pretty damned ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? The device’s display size isn’t yet known, but we expect it to be in the 5.0 to 5.2-inch range. We’re also told to expect both plastic and metal versions of the device, though it’s unclear which regions Samsung will sell each in (and you should expect the metal version to come in at a higher premium than the plastic one).

Also missing from that list are specs such as battery size, internal storage, and RAM. The latter capacity is expected to be 3GB, and history tells us we shouldn’t get our hopes up for more than 16GB of storage (though crazier things have happened). We’d also be surprised if the device didn’t have the same USB 3.0 charging and data port that the Note 3 enjoyed.


In related news, SamMobile also hears that a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom are expected a bit further down the line. It wouldn’t be that surprising for the former considering we’ve seen Mini variants for Samsung’s last two flagships. We just hope Samsung will stop fooling around and deliver a phone that is as powerful under the hood as its older, bigger counterpart.

This would be the first indication that Samsung is looking to make a trend of releasing yearly upgrades to the Galaxy S4 Zoom line, though. With Nokia’s 41 megapixel smartphone making noise, it’s likely that Samsung wants to compete in a niche space that hasn’t had many great options over the years. We probably won’t be hearing about either of these devices at the same time that we hear about the Galaxy S5, but we shouldn’t get too far into the year before Samsung makes it all official.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I have gotten confirmation that this confirmation wasn’t actually confirmed.

    1. source?

    2. Yo dawg, we heard you like confirmations so we put confirmations in yo confirmations so you can verify things while verifying things.

    3. Yo dawg, we heard you like confirmations so we put confirmations in yo confirmations so you can verify things while verifying things.

      1. 0/10

  2. Samsung’s hardware is not that great in my experience. Sure the specs are great on paper, but in the complete package it’s underwhelming. Touchwiz is so horrible that rooting/changing the ROM is the only way the experience is tolerable. Until they improve build quality/aesthetics, I will continue to purchase other manufacturers.

    1. I think Samsung makes some decent devices… they feel, look great and have good specs. You just won’t ever catch me buying one until they’re sold with pure Android. Touchwiz can go f@#k itself.

      1. I don’t ever see that happening. If anything, they are going more TouchWiz. Look at the tablets that were announced at CES. Some of the more conspiracy theorists think this is the start of Samsung moving away from Android entirely.

        TouchWiz isn’t that bad. Samsung could spend more time optimizing it though. It adds a lot of junk, but a lot can be disabled.

        1. TW is bad. Even if you disable features it still bogs down the system. Just run a TW ROM on any Galaxy device and then run an AOSP ROM on the same device. It is night and day. I’m not talking about the interface and appearance. I am talking about how TW just lags out the phone. You may think your TW device doesn’t lag, but put AOSP on it and you will see that it certainly does lag.

          I’m back on Moto with my Moto X and couldn’t be happier. This thing hasn’t stuttered once and I’ve put it through the ringer. Sure, the camera is so-so, but it is so many increments better than a Sammy TW phone.

          1. I agree that touchwiz is horrible. However, AOSP roms don’t run that great on Samsung phones either (maybe the GPE). The best was touchwiz roms with most of the bloat removed, and most of the features reverted back to stock Android. This is mainly because Samsung doesn’t release their source code, so we get basterdized versions of AOSP.

          2. I noticed that too. When I had the E4GT (GS2), I would run TW ROMs because AOSP ROMs just ran horribly. I would keep them for about 2 days and go back.

            I read about Samsung not giving a lot of their source code away. I hope they change that around. I don’t really care for TouchWiz. So I run stock on Galaxy devices.

          3. Honestly all of my devices (Motorola, HTC, and Samsung) run best on stripped down versions of their stock roms vs AOSP. AOSP always has issues on phones it didn’t come stock on. Stripped down Blur (the old blur everyone hated) felt almost stock and ran great once the bloat was stripped down. On Samsung and HTC they needed other changes to the code to feel stock

        2. The worst part of touchwiz isn’t all the junk they add, it’s all the little things they change at the core of Android that can’t easily be disabled/reverted to stock.

      2. Isn’t that what the S4 Google Play edition is?

        1. Yes, but you can’t get them on contract (cheap). Just like the dev phones. Most of us want them, but we’re not going to drop $700 on one that we’ll want to replace in 6-12 months.

          1. Contracts only give you the illusion of being cheap. Being a T-Mobile customer and buy phones off-contract is cheaper than AT&T or Verizon’s subsidized phones on super expensive contracts.

          2. Not if you’re on Verizon or AT&T. Whether you buy the phone on contract or not your still paying the subsidy, so why not use it? Some people are stuck on Verizon because they need a carrier with decent coverage. I love what T-Mobile is doing, but their network just isnt good enough yet.

          3. You can put it on yourself. You can fully convert a phone to a Google Edition. Even to the point where the updates are coming from Google themselves.

          4. Not when you can’t unlock the bootloader. You can’t unlock the Note 3 bootloader (except for dev edition) and it’ll be the same for the S5.

          5. Well then…

            I keep trying to give Samsung more tries, but they’re seeming to be pushing away from the dev community. I mean, really? I don’t want to use TouchWiz all the time. =.=

            Oh well. There are alternatives.

          6. That’s absolutely not true for the Galaxy S4.

        2. Not everyone wants to spend $100 or $200 more on a Google Play devices. Plus rooting and putting Cyanogenmod on a device is/will soon be very easy with the Cyanogenmod Installer. Save your money and your sanity by rooting and using a custom ROM like CM.

      3. too bad, im the opposite, IM NEVER buying boring stock android again. Samsung touchwiz just does so much for me in my day to day use. And what the hell does samsung make bad hardware mean? They make the best quality hardware. That’s why apple uses them. Now if you mean’t build material, that’s a different story. But sorry, samsung does not make bad hardware. As for launcher, i prefer Nova Prime. Keep up the good work sammy!

    2. also, with KNOX, even rooting and custom rom will be a pain in the ass.

      1. Hasn’t knox been around a while yet rooting still doable?

    3. The hardware is top notch, but the software is what you meant. Software can easily be replaced through roms or a GPE.

      1. The hardware is NOT top notch when you compare it to the build quality of Motorola and HTC. The software portion of my post was outlining other issues with Samsung. I know the difference between hardware and software.

        1. Hardware in the context of computers usually means the CPU, memory,
          video cards, motherboard, etc. The stuff that goes inside the case.
          You’re talking about build quality which is essentially the case. While it is not software in the sense that it is a physical component, it’s not “hardware” in the sense as most people on here understand it.

        2. Its clear that you were talking about hardware and then software.
          They act like u have put a disclaimer saying *Now Im gonna discuss software/hardware* before your posts.

          You good bruh, dont mind the them

          1. IKR!? I was thinking the same thing. I’m like, “didn’t he say “Also”?”

        3. Top level camera? Check
          Latest processor? Check
          Highest RAM amount? Check
          SD Card Slot? Check
          IR Blaster? Check
          Seems pretty good to me.

        4. You have no idea what you’re talking about Scott. Samsung’s build quality is absolutely top notch. It doesn’t just break in the hand.

    4. If you are complaining about “Touchwiz” being horrible, that’s actually “software” you are complaining about.. not hardware….

    5. you know touchwiz is software not hardware right?

    6. moto x

    7. What’s wrong with plastic when you’re just going to put a case on it anyway? Plastic will scratch, aluminum/metal will make the phone heavier and will dent.

  3. Don’t care about TouchWiz, now really about what the phone is made out of, but the home-button and KNOX are deal-breakers.

    Sadly, Samsung is pretty much done for me. Loved my Fascinate (Still do…running kitkat as my Alarm-clock). Hated my Galaxy Nexus (reception, battery) and my Nexus 10 (buggy WiFi,bought through WalMart, no support).

    Would really love to try a Note because of the S-Pen, but with KNOX and that fugly-ass home button, it just isn’t ever going to happen, it seems. :sadpanda:

    1. KNOX? The security software that has to be manually enabled? Simply don’t enable it………

  4. I would say, if they do a plastic version and a metal version, they may go for the “Galaxy S 5” for the metal and “Galaxy S 5 Lite” for the plastic version? Who knows with Samsung’s naming at this point.

    Though, I do miss Sprint’s spin on naming the Galaxy line of phones. “Samsung Galaxy S 5 Epic 4G Touch QHD Spark Edition”

    1. The phone with the longest name wins the grand prize again.

  5. Looks like all the 64 bit processor stuff was just fluff because the American market is getting this Snapdragon 805 with an excessively detailed screen that will churn through a battery in a short period of time. I am curious about the Exynos 6 and if it is this 64 bit processor. LTE is going to be key though because many of the LTE services are going to target the Qualcomm processor. Importing might not happen because of Samsung’s “brilliant Knox” idea.

    1. Actually the exynos will be in the metal variant s5 and that one will be the main advertised virsion……so the 805 will probably never see the us market this time around…only if u buy another android device releasing this year

      1. Do you have a source? If that’s true, that changes everything. I would like to get my hands on a 64 bit processor from Sammy. If they don’t do it, I might go to the iPhone since my carrier has a terrible replacement procedure and my HTC phones broke down twice in one month. Samsung is good, but I just don’t want to rely on T-Mobile’s prepaid warranty service. With Apple, you can go into the Apple Store and get it replaced without shipping. The only cost is time and dealing with long lines. I had the iPad 4, so I am very familiar with their replacement process. I just hope they stick with 3-4 GB of RAM, a 1080p display, a good battery, a good version of iOS 8, etc.

  6. The game changers with this phone would/should be a 64 bit architecture, mems camera, eye-scanning software to log in, no home button(replace with double tap). Out of the park. Hardware is far beyond where it needs to be and like iPhone 5s proved the 64 bit architecture and the OS can have a much bigger effect.

    1. From a non-confirmed source, they confirm that the new Exynos with 64-bit architecture will be in the new S5 :)

      1. That will blow the doors off the iPhone 5s. I hope.

  7. Pointless waste of energy and performance Quad HD display = fail.
    No ARMv8 = fail.
    Larger phone = fail.
    TouchWiz = fail.

    1. wow..somebody loves their iphone

      1. Oh no he di’int! Lolololol.

    2. Go buy an iPhone and get out of the way of progress

    3. So you believe Samsung should stop upgrading specs when releasing a new phone?

  8. Samsung did not learned anything! Still fighting on numbers!
    * Quad HD display what for? Nobody will notice difference and only one you will feel will be battery life!
    * 16 MPix camera. Why? to have bigger files? Quality will be the same!
    * bigger telephone???? oh come one!!!
    All above is big disadvantage!!!!

    1. 1. You may notice the difference between SD, HD, or QHD but others will. The S4 had a similar increase in resolution over the S3 and it did not have a shorter battery life.
      2. 16MP cam because these phones don’t have optical zoom.
      3. Some people like a larger screen.

    2. The camera sensor isn’t listed, so you have no idea what the quality will be.

    3. What is there for some Sammy to learn other than “if it is not broken, dont fix it”? They have been increasing the specs every year, utilizing good marketing stategies and their phones have been selling like hot cakes.

    4. I think you’re right. The displays are at the point where I cannot see the pixels so pushing for higher resolutions is meaningless for most people except pixel-snobs who must have electron microscopes for eyes, and yes the battery is going to suffer.

      Camera MPs are getting ridiculous, requiring more processing and more storage, I’d favor better lenses over a picture 1TB in size! Christ, if zooming is so important, buy a proper camera – zoom away!

      The thing Android devices could ALL do with is more storage 8GB and 16GB is just unacceptable nowadays. I’d rather see a Samsung device with 64 or 128GB than more pixels. Yes I know the myth is we are all supposed to use the cloud over local storage, that’s bull for many. Big local storage is preferable and increasingly affordable. There’s no excuse really.

      1. It’s not about seeing the pixels or not, it’s about the detail the image can have. You can’t see the pixels on a 720p phone anyways, but a 1080p phone will look sharper than a 720p phone, even if you can’t see the pixels. The detail of the content you are watching is more important than being able to spot every pixel or not.

        We do have cameras that zoom away, but why not include a 16MP cam if you can? Just for those moment you didn’t take a DSLR cam.

        They can both include a higher storage and a higher resolution display, it really doesn’t affect each other.

    5. Larger screen is a massive advantage which has led to Samsung dominating the ever expanding phablet market.

  9. Who cares about the phone? Put this display in the Oculus Rift.

    1. Internet high five.

  10. I hope Samsung is tweaking sensors too. The awesomeness of having an 80 mp camera is cool and all but the formers more important.

  11. Not the complete specs…

    But fro what I have seen from the leaked specs…it is gonna be an absolute beast… bit.ly/S5Specs

  12. yawn

  13. people talking as if touchwiz is hardware= fail

  14. And a 5 hour battery life.

    Higher resolution screens don’t impress me since I can’t really see the difference. Faster CPU’s are fine but for most of my day to day stuff, it doesn’t really matter much.

    Want to impress me? If I hear 1 week of battery life with moderate usage, I will start the lineup myself.

    1. One week? Keep reading about those battery breakthroughs 7-10 years from commercialization…

    2. the galaxy s4 has great battery life.

    3. One week is probably pretty far into the future without a massive (and heavy) battery. With the Droid Maxx, Note 3 and G2 we’re finally seeing phones can last an entire day (not just an 8hr workday, but an entire 16-18 or even 24hr day) with moderate to heavy use and without breaking a sweat. But I’m still plugging in my phone each and every night. I’ve forgotten to plug in my G2 at night a couple of times and my phone still had enough battery for my alarm (thank God) and my morning internet surfing which left me at almost 8 hours of on-screen time and 26 hours on a single charge. Incredible!! For me, that is now the minimum benchmark for future phones. I hope the next generation or so can start to achieve a little more than that. I’d LOVE it if I could go a solid two whole days on a charge and by that I mean 40-48 hours with moderate to heavy use which means at least 10-14 hours of on-screen time and still not have any anxiety about charging. If I could cut the amount of times I plug in my phone by one half… that would be tasty indeed. And I want to achieve this with software rather than massive batteries. KitKat and the Snapdragon 800 are a huge step in the right direction. If they can add a higher resolution and still achieve this, I’m all for it.

  15. Everybody knows the S5 will be a beast in specs. But that’s not the question for Samsung. The 2 main advantages of the HTC One over the S4 are the clean Sense ui over the Touchwiz and the premium metal materials over the plastic. So the real questions for Samsung are…

    1.) Rumored upgrades to touch wiz that phandroid wrote about last week ( https://phandroid.com/2014/01/07/samsung-galaxy-s5-touchwiz/ )
    2.) If these metal S5 materials rumors are true.

    Phone specs matter way less than they did 3 years ago. The Moto X proved that. But can Samsung fix their user experience, how the phone “feels”?

    1. Meh.

      I never had a problem with touch wiz because I use Nova and keep everything pretty minimal. As for pretty materials, I’m a guy and I don’t care what the backside looks like.

    2. Most people I see, including myself, keep these high-end phones in a case, unless at home or to show off the device. When you consider Sammy’s sells, you’ll notice that the majority of consumers don’t mind as much as some of us anyway. I predict that this phone will sell very well with or without a UI overhaul.

  16. Check the comments last year when companies were upgrading their phone from 720p to 1080p. The same people were like “1080! That’s pointless you can’t even see the difference and the battery life will suck!” But then when LG releases a phone, when 1080 is mainstream, with a 720p phone everyone says it’s shitty. Watch, one year from today 2560×1440 will be expected and no one will want the 1080p phone.

    1. True but with the naked eye I would think that most can say that they can still tell the difference between a 5″phone with a 720p screen versus a 1080p screen. Going from 1080p to QHD won’t be as noticeable, if at all,unless you place it under a microscope.

      1. The geometry is simple and obviously the ratio of 2560 to 1920 isn’t what a microscope does (e.g. 100x). The ppi of a 5″ 16×9 screen with 720p, 1080p, 1440p is: 294, 441, 587 respectively. View distances for 60 pixels per degree are: 11.7, 7.8, and 5.9 inches respectively. For me, anything beyond 5″ 1080p is overkill since I can’t focus closer than 8″. Others can, and they will see a benefit if they look close enough (i.e. they will have a wider image to look at in terms of angle subtending their eye).

        It’s hard to see the next bump though (2160p) for a 5″ screen. 8″ at that resolution would be cool though.

    2. 2k is just the next generation of screens.

      1. EXACTLY

      2. 1080p is 2K. 2560×1440 is just just a higher form of.

    3. My current phone has a higher resolution than my laptop. =.[

      1. Problem, tech user? ;D

        1. Best believe, I’m mad.

    4. Sure and the same could be said for quad-core processors. We’ve all been guilty of this mentality. But at the same time, hardware is waaaaay beyond what 90% of today’s software and apps can take advantage of. That said, I can see a big difference between 720p and 1080p resolution especially on a 5″ screen. I can also see a big difference in gaming between my Nexus 7 (S4 Pro-ish) and my G2 (S800) so specs do definitely matter and in my opinion the Moto X should be free on contract as a result. That opinion aside, we’re reaching a point of diminishing returns. A device with a massive processor and a 2K/4K resolution screen is almost definitely going to be better than one with lesser specs. But that margin of being “better” gets slimmer and slimmer as hardware evolves beyond what we can do with out device on the current market. Future-proofing is huge for me and that’s why I’ll always gravitate toward the best specs, but even the Moto X will probably be just fine for the next two years so where do we draw the line?

      Personally? Let the tablets (and maybe phablets) be the specs leaders. 2K and 4K resolutions are still overkill but it makes far more sense on a larger screen especially when tablets are primarily used for gaming and media consumption. Speaking of gaming, cutting edge processing is probably going to be taken advantage of within the life cycle of that device and gaming is a whole lot more fun on a larger screen. But on a phone? These specs make a lot less sense when battery life, productivity and durability are far more important.

  17. …moto x

  18. Samsung is upgrading its technology sector http://bit.ly/1dKlEvW

  19. Don’t really understand the Sammy hate. I really dislike the cartoon look of TW myself, but it didn’t stop me from buying the GN3. First thing I did was slap Nova Launcher on this bad boy and now imo it’s the best phone available. Most of the so called bloat and useless Sammy features can either be ignored or turned off. Some of the features may not be useful today, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be useful tomorrow.

    1. Most of my issues have nothing to do with their bloat, or even the look. They change a lot of the core of Android that is very irritating and not easily fixed by disabling, freezing, or deleting apps. Little things like how they changed the volume controls, their wifi garbage, etc.

      1. Can’t really comment on the deleting or freezing of apps. I do agree about the wifi issue. My GN3 seems to be pretty picky about routers.

  20. 5.2 inch, 3GB ram and snapdragon 805 which should features new Adreno 420 GPU

    Looks like this going to be decent upgrade over my old galaxy S3

    BUt I think 1440p display is overkill. Most people won’t able to the tell the difference because the pixels are so damn small

  21. Unless it has a removable battery, SD card, and an unlocked bootloader, it’s no-sale for me. And >5″ is just ridiculous for a phone. If I wanted a tablet held to my head there are plenty of existing ways to look like an idiot. I want a phone that fits nicely in both my hand and my pocket.

    1. get a headset… who talks on their phone now-a-days anyway

      1. Most people actually, who dont want to walk around looking like Borg drones with bits of plastic hanging off their heads.

        1. We are the Phabletans. All your ears are belong to us. Just kidding. Always great to read or hear Star Trek references being a fan myself.

          1. Oh I’ve got no problems with phablets. I’ve got a Samsung Mega, its not as big as some complain about, looks small in my hands, then again, I don’t have puny feminine hands. ;P

            But headsets and things like Google Glass just look…. ..well.. Borg!

          2. 6 in is about max!

        2. Headsets do make you look a bit crazy, even today, haha. They’re very handy, though.

  22. all this hate for specs on the phone…

    These devices are going to be replacing your laptops and desktops one day. These specs are almost on par with highend laptops and desktops, it has to start somewhere..

    High resolution screens will be worth it in the long run, high res = more realistic (or capable of producing) images.. how many pixels do you think is in RL?

    1. * High end from 5 years ago

      But incredibly impressive nevertheless

    2. LMFAO did you say almost on par with my pc.. the same pc I built with a 5000 xenon cpu from intel, and a 4 way sli R9 290x gpus..each costing 560 with 5 Tflops of graphics power…..32gigs of ddr3 ram……pfff these smartphones specs are on par with 2006 computers..Its impossible for mobile chipsets to even touch a desktop cpu and gpu

      1. nope, pretty sure I didnt mention your name at all in that sentence..

        I dont think you’re grasping what I’m trying to get at here.. But, soon enough, yes these devices will out perform your overly eccentric rig

  23. This sounds great but I will wait for Nexus 6 as I am planning on sticking to Google Play devices, great pricing, top of the line specs, fast updates and ability to switch carriers if needed are all no brainers

    1. Nexus 6? Pfft, I already have the Nexus 7.

      1. They’re gonna have to do something about the name intersection comin’ up. My guess is they’ll stick with Nexus 5 and append the model year, just as they’ve done with Nexus 7 (2013).

        Nexus 5″ (2013)

        (assuming it’s always around 5 inches from here on out, it makes sense)

      2. I had a Nexus before smartphones existed. That was in Starcraft 1, of course. Lolololol.

  24. SAMMOBILE KNOWS NOTHING. The next ZOOM is coming before Galaxy S5. You heard it here on Phandroid from DYNK

    1. Quiet, ya dink.

      1. lol sad how i can’t give you the embargo date…lol but seriously sammobile is full of – they do it for the ads for their site. firmwares they have a source but nothing else

  25. Soooo glad that there’ll still be a BETTER PLASTIC version available, which hopefully carries forward to the Note 4 line as well. Then, all the metal-loving snobs can waste their money on the “preeemium-feeeeling” version with slightly bigger bezels, smaller non-removable battery, increased radio/wireless charging interference, inflexibility when dropped, and all the other downsides of the preeeeeemium feel.

    Also, I’m not a big fan of the wider USB3 port on my Note3, since the required usb cable is much bulkier than USB2, which makes it awkward to use while charging and easier to bump off my charging stand, so I end up only ever use the more flexible (monoprice) usb2 cables. Charges just as fast, and I local xfer almost all files via wireless AC anyway, so there’s no advantage to usb3 in most cases.

    Phone makers should skip the usb3 port, imo, and instead wait for the new usb3.1 “reversible” type-c connector to be finalized:

    1. the premium feel does not mean that it wont have removable battery, look at the HTC HD2 0n of the best phones ever premium feel with removable battery. also with a premium device would mean better services which is always a plus

      1. Unlikely but possible. And… What extra metal-phone services are you expecting? Concierge? Heh

    2. Premium feel is a bunch of crap. If you don’t like polycarbonate or plastic go to Russia and ask the people behind the Yotaphone to build a phone made of depleted uranium if you want a premium feel.

      1. Mmmmm. Depleted uranium with titanium trim, silver inlay, and platinum accents. Soooooooo hawt….coootour tooo. All the b1tches will want me, and the guys want to be me.

        1. Until your junk becomes inoperable due to residual radiation from the uranium. Lolololol.

  26. technology should continue to improve but software needs to catch up to hardware for specs to have any significance past meaningless bragging rights.

  27. Bring on the HTC One+ I switched my Note 2 out for an HTC One and haven’t regretted it a single bit. Sure it has a smaller screen n all. But I am VERY pleased with its performance. Its super fast, smooth, battery life is actually really good and haven’t noticed lag at all. (Not as good as the Note of course lol.) I was just getting tired of TW. It definitely had lag to it. I had it rooted and ran Beans’ ROM on it for many months and it was awesome don’t get me wrong. So with all that being said. I’d take build quality, awesome front facing speakers, a beautiful screen, blinkfeed whether its cool or not, over all what Samsung has to offer.

    1. Why do you people always mention build quality as if Samsung make shoddy phones? They make remarkable phones. Just because it’s made of plastic doesn’t mean the internals are bad at all.

    2. Oneplus is a trademark now for the guys making the Cyanogenmod phone. Problem, HTC? ;D

  28. I thought 64 bit was a gimmick?

  29. Samsung can’t even update the devices they have, let alone new ones.

    1. The S 2 made it all the way to Jellybean. No idea wtf you’re talking about.

      1. Note 10.1

        1. Mate, HTC just dropped support for two of their flagships. Samsung are still supporting the S3.

      2. They took their time doing it, though. If the carriers didn’t drag their feet so much the updates would be released much sooner.

    2. S3, from ICS to 4.3, and 4.4 verified through test builds. Just get a flagship phone, and you’ll get updates for at least 18 months, provided you’re not on Verizon.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry, when I bought the brand new note 10.1 I figured I was getting a flagship. I’m not bitching about a 3 year old galaxy tab 7, I’m talking about a brand new tablet that was pretty much abandoned on arrival.

    3. Nexus 4 ftmfw

  30. The Note 3 is the best SmartPhone to date. Nothing is even close. The End.

    1. The GS5 is.. damn I can’t wait for the Note 4 tho.

    2. I wonder if I could pocket a Note 3 with a good case on it too? Would probably need to buy pants with bigger pockets. Other than that I’d make it my new device. Have had the S3 for almost 18 months now, though, and she’s still good.

  31. Dropped calls dropped calls dropped calls.. NEXT

    1. I wonder if building a metal device will really cause the S5 to drop more calls? I hope not.

  32. I can only imagine how real images are going to be! I’m so glad i’m a Samsung fan!

    1. They’ll be realer than real life!

  33. Can’t wait for the Google Play edition!

    Here’s to hoping they actually try something new and crazy with the design — and no, I’m not talking about a faux-leather back plate :P

    1. Yes!!! and kill Knox please Samsung. Worst software ever!!!!
      I will not buy another Samsung if knox is included.
      GPe is now the only alternative and it’s not available in most countries…

    2. The fake stitching on the back of the note 3 looks awful

    3. I’d rather have functionality over cosmetics any day. Not that Galaxy phones look unpleasing to the eyes.

  34. The note 3 wasn’t enough to get me away from the note 2 and the s5 doesn’t seem to have something I can’t live without. since the last update to my note 2 I don’t think I need anything else unless this phone dies. maybe the note 4 when it is released

  35. What about the S5 Active?

  36. Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone for modern users . By owing this smart phone make your professional and personal life easy .

  37. Make it just 32and64 gb versions only like the N3

  38. I won’t even consider the SGS5 unless it comes with a minimum of 32gb of internal storage and of course the ext sd-card support. 16gb isn’t enough. sd-card is not the same. Get with the times and give the customers what we pay for. I refused to buy the Note 2 because of that reason, I did buy the Note 3, IMO the best device to date by any manufacturer. I hope the SGS5 has a different style and made from a different material and give that phone some internal storage, 64gb of int storage would make that phone fly off the shelf.

    1. You could buy a 64gb memory card or get a 128gb one, as I’m sure the latter will become affordable soon (if they aren’t already). If you really need more than approximately 60gb (or about 120gb) of usable storage space in total you either have too much HD content and/or too much content, period. Download smaller video files or watch TV shows on a laptop or PC connected to the TV.

    2. Besides, many people don’t want to pay $100 or $200 more for storage space when they want to save a bit of money. Sorry, but you might just have to get a 128gb memory card and deal with it if they don’t make 32 or 64gb internal storage S5’s.

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