Google+ Valentine’s Day easter eggs include plenty of hearts


Can you feel the love in the air? Have you had enough candy hearts? In case you haven’t got your fill of Valentine’s Day, Google+ has a few easter eggs that should put you right in a lovey-dovey mood.

The first thing you might notice when clearing your notifications comes as a strike from Cupid himself. Mr. Jingles has transformed into a heart.


Yes, Mr. Jingles is most definitely feeling the love today. But in case the always-excited notification bell and Google+ mascot really isn’t your thing, the fine folks at Mountain View are giving you your own way to share your love with your real special someone.


Just as sparkly lights adorned Christmas photos and falling snow has made magic out of winter wonderlands, Google+’s auto-awesome photo technology will scan your photos for instances of hugs and kisses and complete them with a shower of hearts. Uploaded photos can then be shared at large or kept private between you and your Valentine. If you are the type that perpetually slacks on making dinner reservations, buying chocolates, and sending out flowers, it really is the very least you could do.


Kevin Krause
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