Samsung will face Apple again in court after mediation attempts reportedly fail



Samsung and Apple’s long-running patent infringement feud had hopes of reaching a peaceful resolution after reports surfaced of a planned mediation meeting between the companies’ CEOs. According to several Korean outlets, that meeting has already taken place, and let’s just say Apple and Samsung’s legal teams should keep their calendars open for March 31st and beyond.

Samsung co-CEO JK Shin and Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly were not able to reach an agreement during their discussions, which took place in the US last week. The meeting itself was shrouded in secrecy. Many believed it would not occur until closer the February 19th deadline to reach a mediated settlement, but those close to the matter indicate Shin has no plans to travel to the United States before that date.

Last month during pre-trial hearings Samsung was already dealt a small blow in the case when Judge Lucy Koh threw out a counter-infringement claim for multimedia sync and sided with Apple on a keyboard autocomplete patent. The rulings, though not a life-threatening blow to Samsung’s defense, do not bode well for the Korean mobile giant. Koh previously ruled over the 2012 edition of Apple v. Samsung. That one didn’t end so well for good ol’ Sammy.

While both parties have shown a willingness to settle without forcing a long, grueling court case, the likelihood of that happening now seems close to nil. A final pre-trial conference is set for March 5th before the main event kicks off at the end of next month.

[via The Verge]

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  1. “Can’t we all just get along?” – Rodney King

    1. “No.” – OtisFeelgood

  2. F* em all. Get the stupid thing done with and move on.

  3. In order for negotiations to work, the party that Samsung is negotiating with must be sane.

    I can understand why Samsung is not willing to either exit the phone business, or pay insane amounts of money to Apple to make Samsung’s product no longer competitive.

    It is amusing over the years, how Apple’s target was always whichever Android phone was in the lead. In 2009, Apple was patent fighting Motorola. Then it was HTC when they were in the lead. Then when Samsung rose to dominance, it was suddenly Samsung that was the big bad patent infringer. It’s also amusing how each time the claims were whatever Apple could find that would stick. The only thing Apple wanted was to not have any competitors.

    “Going Thermonuclear” or “patent thermonuclear war” sounds like the ravings of a mad man driven by insane passion, not a calm, reasoned thought process.

  4. How about a different judge. Like why is it the same? Can’t someone else do it? I’m tired of reading about Koh ruling against Samsung. It sounds like a repeating pattern.

    I mean, there’s only so much you can do with things before they look similar. It’s GOING to happen. Oh well…

  5. no surprise here judge koh is corrupt . we need a new judge panel.

    1. She used to work for Apple, I’m surprised this fact hasn’t been made more well known.

  6. I agree with all the Judge Koh comments but lets not blame her when the U.S.A. president is doing the same thing. Seems to be a cultural bias problem with the U.S.A.

  7. oh knock it off..

  8. go go.. kill samsung with fire.. i don’t care who will do it

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