Upcoming Apple vs Samsung patent trial (2014 edition) is already looking bad for Samsung



The trial hasn’t even started, but before either parties in the ongoing “Apple vs Samsung” patent trial could go head-to-head, a federal judge has already thrown out one of Samsung’s claims and ruled against another. Not a good sign.

Judge Lucy Koh threw out Samsung’s “multimedia synchronization method and device” infringement claim, based on the grounds that the patent should have never been granted in the first place. Apparently, an earlier patent dealing with “acquisition and synchronization of digital media to a personal information space” was enough for Judge Koh to side with Apple on this one.

Judge Koh also ruled against Samsung’s denial that they in no way infringed on Apple’s autocomplete claim described as a “method, system, and graphical user interface for providing word recommendations.” Yes, folks. Apple was able to patent autocomplete in virtual keyboards. It’s not difficult to see how this provides, not only a potentially huge problem for Samsung, but just about any other manufacturer using the Android OS in their devices (or even their own/3rd party software keyboards). A slippery slope, indeed.

For those keeping score, Apple now has 5 patents they’ll be bringing with them to court, while Samsung is officially down to 4. The court date for yet another long, and drawn out patent trial is set for March 31st, 2014. Get the popcorn ready.

[iSource | FOSS Patents]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Someone just needs to write some heinous iOS malware.

    Maybe gets some tips from the NSA. They seem to know the backdoors.

    1. Somebody go call up anonymous.

      1. Anonymous is a complete joke. They never do anything,

        1. Tell that to the Church of Scientology.

    2. Yes. Apple needs to be backdoor’d….over and over!

    3. Aren’t you ashamed ?

  2. We need a new judge for this case. That b*tch is an Apple insider. She probably got boat load of money from Apple. She favors Apple all the way. I bet she has every Apple products in her house.

    1. The judge isn’t the issue. The issue is the understaffed, uneducated Patent Office

      1. The issue is the whole patent system. They get paid to grant patents, so they grant as many as possible as quickly as possible regardless of legitimacy. The patent office could instead be 100% paid for by tax dollars and thus create a non-biased intelligent equal playing field, that would allow small companies/individuals to secure legitimate patents. But good luck raising a new tax in 2014 congress.

  3. So wait….she threw out Samsungs claims “based on the grounds that the patent should have never been granted in the first place” but she sees no problem with Apple’s auto-complete? Something much much older than iOS?

  4. Samsung shouldn’t of been granted the patent.. But apple was granted auto complete.

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  6. Apple can’t lose in the United States. It already bought off all the courts.
    It has always been a design company. Not much of a technology company. I urge technology lovers everywhere dont buy a single thing from them. If android dies so will freedom of choice.
    The US will become a mindless bunch of apple drones who all walk talk and act alike. Dress the same and all have identical iphones and ipads.
    No more widgets, live wallpaper and multitasking. God if that ever happens I hope firefox or debian phones come to the us. Dare I say it id rather use Windows phone or Blackberry. Apple should eat crap and die!

    1. Please tell me you are purposely over exaggerating… That has to be one of the most over dramatic posts I have ever read. There’s far worse threats that could easily cause a dystopian future than no widgets on your darn smartphone. And I think we all know android isn’t going to die and neither is apple so just let them bicker and fight maybe this will finally lead to some decent patent reform. Try to see the good in it lol. Both sides are acting like fools imo

    2. ” If android dies so will freedom of choice.” – Relax, Android isnt going anywhere. The end result of this will be nothing. You will go into your wireless store or website and buy whatever phone you want. It’s all just fluff. I agree, Apple is full of crap here, but they are spinning their wheels and they wont stop anything.

  7. There has got to be a HUGE amount of prior art for autocomplete. That has been going on since the 1980’s.

    And then Samsung’s “multimedia synchronization method” is not patentable but Apple’s bouncy scrolling is?

    Back when Groklaw was in operation there was plenty of discussion about how biased judge Koh is against Samsung. She has fought Samsung at every step of the way.

    1. I refuse to buy a phone that doesn’t include bouncy scrolly!

      1. No lie. I kinda love that too. =.3
        I ALWAYS turn that on in Apex Launcher. >=.3

  8. This all just needs to go away. Samsung is making SO money off of so many different things and Apple is a sinking ship by comparison.

    Samsung (and probably other OEM’s including Google itself) needs to settle with Apple for a certain percentage per Android device sold and app purchased. Raise the price of my phone $3.00 and give it all to Apple. I don’t care. It’s only a stop-gap because if Apple stays they way they are, they’ll fail within 5-10 years anyway even with a corporate sponsor like Android.

  9. Damn LG had a good chance to get at Apple with the LG Prada and they compromised.

  10. This is simply a full legal emploment ploy. They will continue to beat eachother up for years and then head to the appeals process. By then apple will be in rapid decline and more inclined to settle. This is much like the windows mac suit. Whoever succeeds Cook will settle

  11. I cant belive the worlds largest Electronic company Pantents never hold weight againts Apple

    1. Maybe because they just copied ? That could be the beginning of an explanation :-)

  12. So, let me get this straight, Samsung has a patent thrown out because she says it shouldn’t have been granted, but Apple can patent a shape………(-_-)

    Someone please expose this b*tch.

    1. Scumbag patent case judge:

      Tells Samsung one of their patents shouldn’t have been granted

      Proceeds to legitimise Apple patent on something that is older than smartphones

  13. Almost certain this is happening in CA. They’re pretty fuckin stupid over there (Hollywood people). We’ve seen it happen before!

  14. Take a good look at Lucy Koh eyes. Please tell me if those eyes are from straight thinking person. The fruit has gotten into her brain.

    1. You know a jury decides on these cases right?

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