Feb 5th, 2014

mclovin fake id

Early this morning we got what many believed to be a rare glimpse at the back of the upcoming HTC M8 ( HTC One 2, One Plus, or whatever you’d like to call it). The photo, which began making the rounds on popular tech sites, showed what appeared to be dual-rear facing cameras, lining up with rumors that HTC’s upcoming flagship could use a second camera for either higher-resolution stills, or post process focusing (ala Lytro).


It wasn’t long after the photo went public that HTC Netherlands’ “Regional Director HTC Benelux” posted a mysterious subtweet mentioning all the Photoshopping going around these days. While this morning’s HTC M8 “leak” was never specifically called out (that’s kind of how subtweets work), many are left wondering if this guy doesn’t know a little more about the M8 than most. Here’s the tweet:

So, does this mean one of today’s leaks was just a really good ‘shop job? There’s no saying for sure, but it shouldn’t be much longer before we find out.

Thanks, Gerdardo!

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