HTC M8 leak shows familiar design, two rear cameras



With an upcoming announcement of the HTC M8 expected to be made soon, the leaks should start pouring in. The latest comes from @htcfamily_ru. We’ve gotten a couple of new shots of the device said to be the successor to the HTC One (which we still don’t have a market name for just yet).

The image shows us a couple of different interesting things. For starters, it looks quite similar to the HTC One. In fact, if not for the secondary camera it has alongside dual-LED flash, we’d probably mistake this for the 2013 flagship.

And yes, I did say secondary camera. While many have assumed that the second hole at the top of the HTC M8’s rear chassis is for the fingerprint scanner, a recent Bloomberg report suggests HTC is using a secondary camera to facilitate post-snapshot focusing. It doesn’t sound all that different from Lytro, though we’d have to see just how well this would work for ourselves.

That bit of detail joins long-standing rumors that the HTC M8 will come with a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display and on-screen buttons. We’re hoping HTC will launch this thing at Mobile World Congress later this month, though there’s been no indication that they will. Either way, it shouldn’t be long before we see the M8 unveiled once and for all.

[via The Verge]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Neat.

  2. Good. My finger isn’t there when I hold the phone in landscape. So dual cameras? Looks like HTC wants to distinguish itself with hardware.

  3. Doesn’t look too bad at all. Only gripe is should I get in Silver again or go for Black? I’m a sucker for the silver, just looks so damn classy.

  4. Man.. I can’t wait. Finally leaving this gs3.

    1. Thought you had a one already like David vargeses guy

      1. U wot m8?

    2. Hey me too, my s3 isn’t all that anyways. Slow as hell now with the new update. Samsung is like Apple now.

  5. The more I look at that photo the more doubts I have. Other leaks have stated that the m8 would have slightly more rounded corners but the corners on this looks exactly like those on the current One. If this photo is accurate though I definitely don’t think that first hole up top is a second camera and it is definitely too small to be a fingerprint scanner. Based on the location of the first hole, whatever will be there would more than likely sit at an angle compared to the main camera so that leads me to believe that its an IR blaster.

    1. evleaks over on twitter said the M8 would strongly resemble the M7 (One).


      1. “Strikingly similar” isn’t the same as exactly the same. The edges on this looks exactly like edges on the current One model. Most have said that it looks basically the same as the One but with more rounded edges.

      2. I know that, but most leaks have said that the corners would be more rounded but other than that it will basically look the same. Also, for the hell of it, I bought a case for the m8 off of eBay and it’s definitely more rounded on the corners than what I am seeing here assuming the dimensions of the case are correct.

      3. Looks like I was right, this isn’t real.

    2. That would be really weird for that to be a IR blaster… I liked HTC’s implementation of the IR blaster into the power button, and I thought it was a great use of space and design. Also, it seems to point more down (although it does curve up a bit), which may not be great when trying to control a TV. To have that big hole as the IR blaster wouldn’t be right.
      But I’m not sure if it’s a camera hole either, but I guess we’ll find out by the end of the month.

      1. I agree with what you are saying, it was great to see the ir blaster incorporated into the power button. Now I use my One’s ir functions all the time but because the ir blaster is on the top of the device when I use it I have to use it like its an actual remote(obviously) where I now have to point my device at the direction of the tv(or whatever else) and by doing that I lose sight of what is on the screen. Its not like its a standard remote where you can feel the buttons and know what you are pressing. With this design I can have full view of what is on my screen and be able to control my other devices at the same time with out having to point being that the ir blaster will always be facing the device when the phone is in my hand when I am using it. I hope you get what I am saying.

        1. That’s a really good point, and it would make using the remote on the H1 easier if you can see the screen also. I just wish HTC made it look better than one big hole (a small slot would do)

          1. Yeah, I don’t know what to really think but my money is on it being an ir blaster. That seems like the most logical thing.

  6. Hope this is as promising as it looks. Android needs another big OEM to grab some market share. Can’t let Samsung have ALL the fun :p

  7. I’m praying this thing has a 3000+ MAH battery… everything else already has my attention.

  8. Could someone please explain the purpose of 2 rear cameras? Thanks

    1. Reading is fundamental…. “Bloomberg report suggests HTC is using a secondary camera to facilitate post-snapshot focusing. It doesn’t sound all that different from Lytro, though we’d have to see just how well this would work for ourselves.”

    2. Because the ultra gimmicky 4 pixeler wasn’t cutting it, so they figured they would confuse people with 2.

      Zomg 8 ultra-wonky pixels.!!

      1. I wouldn’t call it gimmicky, per se; it certainly has its flaws, but it’s demonstrably better than the majority of other smartphones when it comes to low-light photos, and generally performs pretty well, although really sunny situations can be a mixed bag.

        1. Agree completely. I’ve owned a broad range of Android devices and can say with great authority, based on my own experience, that the HTC One is a fantastic phone and that the “UltraPixels” are not gimmicky in any way. People always say “Wow, that’s a great camera” when I take pictures with this phone. It is not the best, but it is really great. I bought and then shortly thereafter sold the Nexus 5 because it simply could not keep up in the camera department.

      2. so improved low light performance is now considered a gimmick?

        1. What is that like 20% of most people’s photos? And the performance increase is not even that dramatic. Trust me I know, my wife owns the HTC One and overall it’s nowhere close to the shooter that my Note 3 is or even the Galaxy S4 (had that as well) for that matter. So yes, I would say it’s a gimmick.

          1. Personally most pics I take would bebe at night at bars or a club or restaurant Or something so that number would be muchmuch higher for me personally. But regardless, whether its only affected 20% of your photos isn’t the definition of what makes something a gimmick or not. By that argument SD cards, removable batteries, NFC would be considered gimmicks since only about 20% of individuals actually take advantage of those features. Oh and when phones first launched with LTE that would be a gimmick too since not even 20% of the market had access right?

            Those phones have better cameras because they have better cameras. If oled TVs are better than LED TVs does that mean that LED is a gimmick?

          2. Not just the 20% alone but 20% of pictures that are slightly better is a gimmick. There is nothing “wow” about those low light pictures, they still capture less detail and the shots are a lot noisier. It’s too bad the HTC One is the best smartphone camera for drunken bar/rave goers who constantly place themselves in these situations were a solid low light camera is a necessity.

          3. So is the galaxy s4 camera a gimmick because the iPhone camera is better? Your logic makes no sense.
            Yes drunken bar goers I think you just described the majority of adults in first world countries.

          4. I guess you really don’t know your smartphone cameras do you. I had the iPhone 5 and S4 (sold them both), now I have a Note 3 and Gold iPhone 5s. So I’m speaking from first hand knowledge. All 4 of those cameras are on par with each other and can compete in the same arena. However, the HTC One should not even be mentioned in the same breath with those 4. Trust me, it’s not even close. HTC failed woefully in the camera dept when it comes to the One.

          5. Sigh you aren’t getting what I’m saying… Something is not a gimmick simply because it’s not superior to others. Your notes camera is a gimmick because the Nokia pureciew camera is better . now does that make much sense to you? Plenty of reviews have started the HTC one camera would be really good if it just had more resolution. So if that is the case then it is not gimmicky by the definition of the word gimmick.

          6. And I repeat. I do not care what the standard definition of what a “gimmick” is. HTC made a big deal about the ultrapixels. It was one of their major talking points and alas it’s a FAIL. Seems like you’re only concerned with winning a strawman argument. Fine, you win but it doesn’t change the fact that the camera still sucks.

          7. Yes you say it sucks now, that’s fine. but when you are mocking it forAllegedly improving one of its 2 faults calling it a gimmick fix. That’s not exactly the same thing as you just saying it sucks currently. But we can agree to disagree on the usefulness of a camera that can take photos at night.

          8. I wouldn’t say that. Generally speaking, most people on the planet work during the day, and aren’t free to socialize or hangout with friends until the evening hours. That’s the time of day I snap the most pics (or indoors where lighting is always sketchy).

            Personally, I love the HTC One camera and find that whether I’m in a restaurant or hanging out at a friends house, my gf’s One camera always bests the iPhone 5s/Nexus 5/etc.. *shrugs*

  9. What I’m hoping for is that while the original One’s sales numbers don’t even come close to Samsung’s, it at least got everybody’s attention and told people that HTC can make a great phone. Now that it’s clear the One is a great line, I’m hoping those M8 sales numbers go up dramatically and save HTC.

    Android needs some oems not named Samsung to step up, especially now that Motorola’s future is unknown. I remember a few years ago when the android oem landscape was much more even. I’d hate to see a future 2 or 3 years from now where the only viable smartphone options are either Apple’s closed iOS vs Samsung’s Touchwizzy android and that’s it.

    As of now though, that’s where it’s headed and it’s scary… Apple and Samsung are dominating, Motorola was sold, HTC loses money every quarter, LG sells basically 0 phones in the US and Sony doesn’t even try to compete in the US. I might be oversimplifying a bit but not too much. It’s not looking good for android lovers/touchwiz haters like myself.

    1. Too bad for you then. Samsung gives the people options and what they want while HTC can’t seem to come up with any sort of winning formula. Also, I doubt the M8 sales even sneeze at the S5. Unless HTC goes back to their roots, I for one won’t bat an eye at any of their devices.

      Signed ex HTC lover/now a touchwiz lover.

      1. Haha it is too bad for me. I think ur missing my point though. My point is not Sense > Touchwiz. My point is many choices > 1 choice. I always thought one of android’s greatest strengths was having so many phones per year to choose from. An android monopoly is where we are headed and that is a bad thing for everybody. Android monopoly sounds crazy but at the rate Samsung is going, it’s tough to see anything stopping them.

        I feel like before, people used to buy iphones without even looking at the android competition. Now, it’s still that, but plus people are buying Galaxy phones without looking at the other android oem competition.

        1. I see that point but the onus is on HTC to step their game up, can’t blame Samsung for putting out products that people want. We’ll see if the M8 can get them back on track but I highly doubt it.

      2. Sense is faster in any way than touchwiz though. That’s why I can’t make the switch to touchwiz.

        1. I take it you never owned the Note 3?

      3. Okay I’ve heard of people liking Samsung before, but Touchwiz isn’t something I ever hear anyone praising. I will never own a Samsung phone that runs touchwiz and I’m not one for rooting so I’ll stick with Sense and Stock.

        1. I don’t really care for the icons or color schemes, it’s the features I covet. I can Nova launcher the rest.

  10. As much as I’m hopeful of HTC succeeding I just don’t see it. They are positioned to fail. I have the Nexus 5 and my wife the LG G2 and both phones are amazing. I see LG and Lenovo( Motorola) as the biggest threat to Samsung.

  11. Evo 3D(2)?

    1. LOL – I debated saying that myself! :D

  12. Fun with Camera Physics 101:

    With cell phone lens and aperture geometries, EVERYTHING stationary ought to be in focus thanks to the depth of field effect. At least, past a few feet out or so.

    I don’t know what the second camera is for but I know what it’s not.

    It’s not money spent that could have been put in to a far superior lens first, a better sensor second, and a software option third to turn off the ridiculously high image compression that HTC puts on their camera app – along with *almost* the rest of Android (and yeah, I do too know the exceptions to that last bit).

    We need better lenses – not more of them.

    With any luck, that second device is something besides another camera.

    1. Well stated…

  13. Hopefully this gets the snapdragon 805 and 3GB of ram….. Hopefully

    1. i thought i read somewhere that the 805 wouldnt be ready until fall 2014

      1. It will likely pack the 800, which is fine by me. I’d love to add “One” to the collection.

  14. Although he didn’t specifically point to this leak, shortly after this picture surfaced, HTC’s Regional Director of Netherlands mentions tweeted this: https://twitter.com/markmoons/statuses/431052895849820160

    Does it mean that this “leak” could have been faked? It wont be much longer before we find out…

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    ★★★ ★★⭥★ ★★★⭻★ ★★★I’m hoping those M8 sales numbers go up dramatically and save HTC.

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