HTC plans to release a wearable later this year, good chance it could be a smartwatch



HTC Watch concept

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the budding wearables market. Look no further than last month’s CES where we saw just about every manufacturer under the sun showing off the latest tech trend in some form or another. But sitting amongst all the Fitbits and Pebbles, we might soon find an HTC smartwatch on store shelves.

This latest bit of news comes from a Bloomberg interview with HTC’s Cher Wang. In the interview, Wang casually mentions HTC may have addressed common “consumer-centric problems facing the segment today, namely, LCD lighting and battery life. Although the word smartwatch wasn’t specifically uttered, HTC did mention they would were planning on releasing some kind of wearable before the end of the year. This echos a similar statement made by HTC CEO Peter Chou back in October, in which he called wearables a “critical segment” for his company.

Despite a lackluster 2013, HTC remains optimistic about 2014. Wang mentioned HTC’s renewed focus on marketing, admitting that in the past, the company never placed too much importance when it came to advertising their products to consumers (despite signing a $12 million contract with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.). Let’s hope they put his talents to better use this year.

[via The Verge | Concept images by Hasan Kaymak]

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Was this morning’s HTC M8 leak just a really good Photoshop job?

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  1. If it looks like this, I may consider a smart watch, of course it has to be smart

  2. Oh… God… Please… Don’t screw up like Samsung HTC… You can’t afford for this venture to be a screw up.

  3. got me all excited w/ the word “wearable” in the title. I was hoping for a strap on ;)

  4. Hoping they bring back the head band.

  5. If it’s made by HTC, I’m In

    1. *fanboy mode on*

  6. I’d get it in order to support HTC. They always have great build quality

  7. Id like to see a new HTC tablet

    1. YES!! Oh my gosh!! At one point, I was thinking about replacing my Nexus 7 1st Gen with a HTC One Max.

      It was plausible, but the price wasn’t justifiable. So I just got the 2013 one.

  8. yea, i guess wearables is the better word compared to watch. maybe a smart-bracelet (smartlet?!?) that can read pulse, display weather (maybe via LED indicators), etc… flexible screen would be useful in such case.

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      from working part time off a home pc… find out this here J­u­m­p­9­9­9­.­ℂ­o­m

      1. kill yourself!!!!

  9. Maybe it’s wearable boomsound speakers in a sleeveless vest?? Oh, didn’t Sony do that in 1984?

  10. HTC sold themselves to Apple because they no they cant compete with Apple

    1. Your troll level is at 0, try harder next time.

  11. Omg…I think I’m turning into an HTC fanboy… And I like it.

  12. You’re All WRONG!!! it’s a Flava Flav style oled screen Smart-digtal clock medallion. it only says “YEAHHHH BOYYYYYYY” at a set volume level of “loud as all balls” for every notification which may be a negative. lol

  13. Apple’s version still looks the best. However, this is nothing but a sketch. I’m confident that HTC’s actual product will look a lot more attractive.

  14. HTC needs to stick to perfecting their phones before going to something else.
    This is going to be the Thunderbolt of smartwatches.

    1. im guessing you missed the #1 smartphone through all of 2013 the HTC ONE.

      1. lmao big and bulky which is how the watch will be

  15. Is there actually a market for these silly things?

  16. Getting the M8 or whatever itll be called, this will be a nice addition to it. HTC rules !

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