Cyanogen Inc continues to build their Dream Team, snatches up ChaOS ROM founder Clark Scheff


CyanogenMod Blue Android

Last night we reported that AOKP founder Roman Birg would be joining CyanogenMod Inc. Today, we have confirmation that Clark Scheff, the founder of Chameleon ROM aka ChaOS, will also be joining the CyanogenMod team as a software engineer in Seattle.

For those not aware, ChaOS ROM is an Open Source MIUI-esque alternative. ChaOS is based on CyanogenMOD and focuses on users having the ability to customize each piece of their Android device. The most notable feature of ChaOS is their theme engine. The entire framework on ChaOS has been modified around their theme engine, which allows users to mix and match themes until the user gets it just right.


Fans of ChaOS ROM should be happy to know that Clark still plans to contribute to Chameleon OS as time permits and as long as there are no conflicts of interest while being employed at Cyanogen Inc.

It seems that CyanogenMod is building a Dream Team of ROM developers from the Android development community. Clark’s knowledge and skills surrounding custom user interfaces and themes on Android should fit in nicely with CyanogenMod’s upcoming custom user interface plans.

Congrats Clark!

Image Credit: Chris Sewell

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  1. Alternate title: Clark Scheff doesn’t want to blend into other things anymore, joins Cyanogen Inc.

    1. Nice, banging those misleading titles out again!

      1. generating ad revenue… just as the new Cm will be more interested in doing.

    2. I bet you believe in unicorns and glitter while wearing your pink socks with flip flops?

  2. Alternate title: Clark Scheff ditches ChaOS, joins Cyanogen Inc.; possible plot to assassinate Kondik?

    1. Plot twist. LoL!!

  3. Of course. Steal others work and take out competition.. Nice

    1. I’m sorry you’re upset that a developer wants to better his life and get paid for something he loves to do.

      1. No you misunderstand. I congratulate both Clark and Roman. I’m strictly speaking of CM Inc. Community built ROM that went commercial and now hiring the head honchos of rival ROMs. No matter what is publicly said I guarantee in the future one of your articles will be how these two aren’t allowed to work on other ROMs as it is a conflict of interest.

        1. They’re not stealing in this case. I think that’s where all the down votes in your original post were coming from.

          I mean, I understand where you’re coming from, though.

          Time will tell. It always does.

      2. You don’t get it.

    2. I doubt ChaOS was ever competition. And besides, I was given an offer and I chose to accept it. The choice was mine and I’m happy with it.

      1. I congratulate you and Roman for the exact reason Derek mentions below. Do not take it as a hit on you because it isn’t.

      2. That’s great just don’t expect people to pay for something that was free now that you guys are working for a company.

    3. yup.. CM is the new Red Hat. They’ll be less user friendly and more interested in generating profit.

      1. Let’s see the awesome rom you’ve developed in your spare time, little boy. I bet it’s awesome.

  4. I think it’s awesome all these guys are joining cyanogen inc. These developers have been getting almost nothing in PayPal donations on xda or their own sites for years. I think it’s great they are finally getting paid for their talents and if they do quit working on their roms it is fine. They deserve praise/pay for what they have done. I know while I rooted I always gave donations. cyanogen, liquid, beanstown, bonsai, paranoid, aokp, and that’s just the few I remember. finally found a device in the note 2 I don’t feel the need to root.

    1. It’s kinda hard to give donations though. Especially if you ROM hop and use like EVERY theme, mod, app, etc. My gosh…

      If I keep your work for a week, I give you something in the single digits. If I keep that same thing for a month, I give you something in the double digits. What ever I can.

      I try and help. I know it’s hard out there. Kinda why I stopped pirating apps. Oops. Did I say that out loud? =.3

      1. and that’s how it’s done *clap clap*

  5. Oh my gosh!! CM is about to get a major UI overhaul.

  6. Now this is a group I can get behind. A bunch of truly visionary developers that have a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see what they dream up. (please make privacy a part of it, god knows we need that right now)

  7. I have always enjoyed the light weight of CM. It by itself left me wanting a little more….I know a Catch 22. But with all of the new acquisitions of amazing talent, with the right moves CM could be the Perfect Balance Rom (PBR) it will look and perform as great as its name, simply, CM. Looking forward waiting patiently.

  8. corporate slugs now… sad. CM is going to be slow as molasses, more interested in generating revenue than continuing development of an untainted CM versus some corporate shrill version. No thanks, new red hat.

    1. “Corporate shrill”? Know how I know you’re 14?

  9. They’re gonna start charging for cyanogen to pay their fat salaries while at the same time recruit all the best free software engineers. Good thing modern phones like the Nexus 5 have no need for bugy second hand Roms like cyanogen.

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