Google Search glitch sends one unlucky soul thousands of unwanted emails



Remember “the Great Google Service Outage of 2014”? Yeah, the one from a few minutes ago. Well, not only did it screw up everyone’s ability to access and send emails through Gmail, but for one unlucky soul it may have been a brief period of relief after a strange Google Search bug sent thousands of unwanted email’s into his inbox.

It looks like some wires got crossed, and anyone searching “Gmail” on Google’s homepage were presented with a search result. In that search result was a link to some random dude’s Hotmail address. A David S. Peck reported to TechCrunch that Google’s little glitch has sent him thousands of emails (mostly blank), approximately 500 emails per hour.

He also mentions this is his primary email address in which case it’s possible Google is simply trying to send him a hint. Not a very subtle one. Ha.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Sounds like Mr Peck may be receiving a free Nexus 7 to alleviate the headache caused by this glitch.

  2. I slept through all this, yay timezones!

    1. I slept through all this as well! Yay almost-nocturnal schedule!

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