Jan 9th, 2014


It looks like Google+ users could be getting a Chromecast option to share photos and video with family and friends. The latest Android APK seems to contain files for Chromecast icons, which can only mean that Google is planning to introduce Chromecast support inside the app sometime soon (unless they like eating up resources with no plan to take advantage of them).

We imagine it’d work just like any Chromecast app — hit the button, and watch as your content is beamed straight over to your TV. We’re not sure whether this would only be applicable for your own content or for any photo or video you come across on Google+. We suppose that information will come to us whenever Google decides to drop the feature.

There’s no indication as to when they’d bring anything like this, but if they’re loading the APK up with resource files then we can’t be too far away. In the meantime, users can use something like Avia with Chromecast and sync their Google+ account, a feature we detailed in our extensive preview here. Fingers crossed that this turns out to be what we all hope it turns out to be!

[via Google+]

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