Buy a Moto X off-contract and get a Chromecast for free [DEAL]


moto x chromecast deal

Read for another “buy X and get a free Chromecast” deal? Google’s really pushing this thing lately, as the offer now applies to any Moto X bought off-contract at Motorola’s website. It’s a savings of $35 which, if you consider the fact that the cheapest Moto X is now $399.99, makes this deal worth almost as much as the failed Cyber Monday deal that got folks the phone for $350.

The Chromecast has become a big hit in the short time since its arrival. Time named it their best gadget of 2013, and the device has gotten a multitude of great apps for folks to enjoy their content on the big screen.

Many of us are still waiting for Google to open third-party APIs and give developers free reign in developing apps, but the crop of apps out there now have been more than enough to keep folks satisfied. It’s a great little bonus if you were looking to buy a Moto X soon, so get in on it ASAP before this deal expires (though we imagine the $35 pill isn’t hard to swallow otherwise).

[via Motorola]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The Moto X is awesome but the Chromecast hasn’t impressed me yet, very few things support it. If every app supported it or it could do mirroring like AppleTV can do it would be godsend.

    1. Downvote for apple mention but I do hate how limited the accessible content is maybe Android 4.5 or 5.0 will give everyone support

      1. I used to downvote people for mentioning Apple around here… but then I took a reasonable outlook to the brain.

      2. I’m simply comparing the two. The AppleTV lets you mirror the entire iPad/iPhone with a simple gesture. I think that warrants a comparison.

        1. You can do that on some HTCs with Media Link HD and on some Samsungs with an Anynet+ and like Apple TV those things cost more.

          The Apple TV is $99, Chromecast is $35.

          Hopefully if/when Google supports screen mirroring (Android is already embedding the Miracast quasi-standard), they won’t gouge everyone for an extra $64 for the feature.

          A lot of Androids are not going to have the horsepower to do device casting properly. So even with eventual screen casting, it’ll still be a comparison of a few Apple devices designed to work together and then hundreds of Android phones and tablets that weren’t designed with anything like this in mind.

          And btw – Chromecast supports iOS and Android devices for its current media casting.

          When you ask for device casting, are you asking for it to support iOS and Android support?

          Right now, it’s agnostic, doesn’t care about Android vs. Apple.

          If anyone tried to add Apple screen casting, I don’t think that would fly for Apple and it would never appear in their store.

          Personally, I think the Roku 3 is a good competitor to the Apple TV. Same price, more features.

  2. Damn, just bought an X last week. Wouldn’t have minded another chromecast int he house.

  3. Motorola, drop the price to < $349.00 off contract already! Stop trying to entice people with "special offers" and fake promotions. I'd love to have choices, but until the price competes directly with a Nexus 5, I'm not even going to consider a Moto X.

    1. Bill, I’m selling my day old moto x for $350 on swappa if your looking for one. It’s locked to AT&T and has their branding on it. I’ll send you the link if you want to take a look.

  4. Godamn strippers already took my money! -_-

    1. Nope.

  5. almost looks like my moto x…wish i got a flippin chromecast i put my order in christmas eve

  6. Or you could buy a 32GB Nexus 5, a Chromecast and still have $ 15 leftover for apps etc.

  7. Okay, I’m gonna be that guy. Typo in the first word of an article? Really?

  8. Just pulled the trigger on a 32GB Moto X for $449 with free chromecast. Also got a $10 credit in the google play store for posting my purchase of a Moto X on my google+ page. Shipping is free so $449 shipped for the 32GB Moto X, Chromecast and $10 Google Play Store credit.

    The N5 is cheaper, but its pretty boring. Already have an S4, N4 and S3 but wanted something a bit different this time around.

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