Google Play Services 4.1 brings turn-based multiplayer support, Google Drive API preview and more


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Google has detailed an upgrade to Google Play Services — version 4.1 — that should bring us a lot of good stuff. For starters, Google has made a turn-by-turn multiplayer framework for developers who want to make TBT multiplayer games. This is something that has been much needed from the start, with games like Magic 2014 dumping multiplayer due to lack of proper support.

Also in this version is a developer preview for the new Google Drive APIs, so apps can tap into your Drive storage and seamlessly load and save files. This’ll be great for third-party file managers or any app that wants to utilize Google Drive for long-term storage.

Rounding out the list of changes are new Google Mobile Ads SDK APIs for those using DoubleClick and Search Ads, as well as the ability to have Google+ posts autocomplete and suggest recipients from your Gmail contacts, device contacts and your friends on Google+. It should be rolling out as a background upgrade to everyone over the course of the next few weeks. If you’re a developer, be sure to check out the source link for more information.

[via Android Developers]

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  1. FINALLY!!!!

  2. People doubted , but I see google makin big moves on the scene .

    1. Praise Google!

    2. Yeah they only have 80 percent of the market now lol. I think they already made the big move years ago. Apple has 12 percent of the market and Android 80. Apple is for brainless morons.

      1. Another cultophandroid comment. I love android, but I know a lot of smart people use iOS and MacOS. They suffer in terms of freedom and some innovation, but we android fans had better hope Apple continues to be mildly popular. The competition benefits us as well.

  3. I hope they add the ability to authorize an app access to a specific folder under your Google Drive (rather than the current all-or-nothing method). I’ve come across a number of interesting apps that I wouldn’t use because I didn’t trust it enough to give it access to my entire Google Drive.

    1. yea, not sure i’d want apps to be snooping around my drive, they’d need to be limited to only accessing their folder (with maybe an option for more, but that could be abused)

    2. I think in order for this to work, Google would need to make a specific folder for app data. You should also be able to modify how much space you want reserved for this folder.

  4. Thank the heavens!! I’m so tired of having to backup and restore my data. My method of restoring apps is just copying and pasting the apks back into the proper folders then rebooting.

    Then I have to go back and restore the data of the apps I want. Usually my games. This’ll save me so much time and make my restore process so much easier.

    I hate opening games and then be all like “Fudge!! I forgot to restore the data!!”

    1. Titanium backup <3

      1. ROM Toolbox Pro. =.P

        I use the backup process like normal, but then restore usually doesn’t work all too right for me. Sometimes data doesn’t restore, the restore would hang and I have to force close, and most notorious, data doesn’t seem to restore when I restore apps and data at the same time. =.=

        That’s why I just copy and paste my apps now. Then I go back and restore the data of the few apps I want manually. That process seems to be faster to me.

        I would use Titanium Backup, but I have ROM Toolbox Pro. Don’t really want to pay for duplicates. LoL!!

        1. That is your problem, Titanium works 100 percent and is a whole different process than crappy ROM Toolbox. I have used TB for years and never had one issue. I have used it to transfer my apps and data over from each device, use it to transfer saves and data from my phone to tablet, use it to send apps to Google drive and share it with friends, it backs up all my sms messages and phone history and wifi passwords. It backs up all my apps every night. You are missing out by using that other garbage. Also with TB you just restore all of your apps or data with one push of a button. You can just restore missing data or the apk and data, what you are doing sounds ridiculous and tedious, just restoring the apk doesnt restore your data or game saves.

          1. For me TB (the paid version) doesn’t work 100%. I have never been able to restore Hull Plus, Amazon App Store, Netflix, any Gameloft games (just to name a few off the top of my head). I’ve tried both restore app+data and app only and each time the restore would hang until I was force to reboot. TB is till my choice for the app of its kind though.

          2. I don’t know about Hull Plus (did you mean Hulu?) or Gameloft, but it works perfectly for me with the Amazon App Store, and Netflix. You may want to go to preferences > App Processing mode settings, and try Auto, Indirect if you are having problems in Titanium.

          3. Then you’re not doing something right. I have restored all of those apps and more with TB pro. I’ve transferred those same apps you listed between multiple devices also and never had a problem. I also have used Rom Toolbox and it never works so I would try TB pro again. Rom Toolbox is garbage.

          4. When it comes to restoring apps, yea it does. I agree. LoL!!

          5. I think those apps have some crazy crypto protection scheme

          6. Hmm… I’ve been content with my method of just copying and pasting the apks over to the proper folder. The backup was working just fine.

            Restoring data would be faster with TB. Only because I’m sure I would just select the apps I want and restore the data instead of clicking each app and restoring.

            Other than, that, yea.

            Also, you must not have read my previous post. I would copy the apks over, which is no different than the restore process. Heck, I just open up Root Explorer, copy the apks from the backup folder into the system/data/app folder.

            Then I open Rom Toolbox and restore the data of the apps I want. So I still get my data, and it’s not *that* tedious. The copying still happens in the background.

            EDIT: So I’ve reread your post and I didn’t know TB was doing all that. Ima have to go give that a try.

          7. Rom Toolbox works just fine for me.

            I prefer it than TB with that really crappy interface.

  5. TBT Framework and 2 APIs…I’d hardly call that a lot.

  6. The turn based multiplayer service is not new, it was previously made by

  7. Bro…bro….bro….tell me this finally means we will have Worms multiplayer

    1. Hell yea

    2. That’s what i thought immediately upon reading the headline. I hope that the Developers move quickly on this one.

  8. APK is available to Download at signed by google.

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