Jan 6th, 2014


NVIDIA thinks their newly announced K1 processor, based on Kepler technology and aiming to bring the most insane gaming performance ever to a  mobile device, is out of this world. How out of this world? So out of this world that they created a crop circle to advertise it — not that anyone knew it at first.

The crop circle made headlines earlier this week when it appeared in a field in Salinas, CA (and was subsequently destroyed by the property owner) mostly because it was, as are most crop circles, quite mysterious in origin. Unfortunately for UFO enthusiasts, this one wasn’t crafted by E.T.. Instead, it was the handiwork of NVIDIA, and it’s purpose was to function as a bit of a viral campaign for the aggressive mobile CPU unveiled tonight at CES.

Stay tuned as we bring you even more coverage of the all new Tegra K1 chip through the coming days as CES grinds into full gear. Don’t forget your aluminum foil hat.


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