Google fixes Glass Store, offers select Explorers a chance to buy second Glass unit


It looks like we’re about to see even more Google Glass units in circulation soon. Google has contacted select Glass Explorers inviting them to buy a second pair of Google Glass for themselves or a friend. This is different from the extra invites program, where Glass Explorers could invite up to three friends to buy a pair of Glass.


The price tag hasn’t changed, folks — it’s still $1,500 — but if you or someone you know have that much money and don’t know what to do with it, this would be an interesting buy. For your money, you’ll be treated to the latest prototype, which will soon support prescription lenses, and comes with a connection to use a mono earbud for improved unit audio.

Speaking of those earbuds, Google is reminding folks who had trouble accessing their Glass store that accessories are available to purchase. You can get the mono earbud for $50, stereo earbuds (designed specifically for Glass, and with interchangeable color caps) for $85, as well as replacement pouches, charging / data cables, and the clear shield attachment. Be sure to check your email if you’re a Glass Explorer to see if you’ve received another purchase code. You can find the full email being sent to Glass Explorers below.

As you might have discovered, some Explorers who purchased Glass over the phone weren’t able to access our store. You weren’t missing anything before but we have a few new goodies in there now, so here’s a code that you can use to get started:

Purchase Now

For future reference, your code is: REDACTED

We’re so grateful that you’ve been with us as a Glass Explorer since the beginning. So, in addition to the new earbuds that you’ll find in our store, we’d also like to give you the option to purchase a second Glass for yourself or for a friend, as many of you have requested.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. my universities store actually has glass for sale… idk if google is working with universities but i can literally walk right in and buy one.

    the University of Oklahoma and the store is called the ONE store

    1. Phandroid can you confirm?

        1. Just looked into it. They have a demo model. You can’t buy your own unit.

  2. This stuff is WAAAAAAY too expensive!!!

  3. Oh my, I don’t know many 8+ that have $1500 bucks laying around to blow on a new toy.
    Maybe Mom and Dad will get a little tike a pair for Christmas.

  4. It’ awesome. Another innovation by Google. Wowwwwwwwwwwww
    via codingbrains dot com

  5. Got my invite today. Cant decide if I should order now or wait for the commercial release.

    1. Please consider giving my youth based organization the invite. We have built an android development lab to teach at risk youth how to code. Wanting to give our youth an early edge for glass!

      1. Just sent you a message on Facebook. I run a high school resource website so I’d be happy to donate my invite code. The message probably went to your Other folder on FB so be sure to check there.

  6. if anyone wants to give me their invite, i’d be happy to take it off their hands.

  7. I received a invite today and have 7 days to purchase but don’t have $1500 to spend. Anybody want to donate to my Google glass Christmas fund???

  8. Got my invite 2 days ago. purchased yesterday. And they shipped it overnight air shipping. Unfortunately tracking said it was delayed a day. Should be there for me to play with after work tomorrow. Unfortnately i need an android phone to use “ALL” of the features. From my understanding an iphone can be used with it as well, but withouth gps or sms messaging becuase you need the myglass app only available on android

  9. AND GMK … any explorers who had a model purchased before 10/28 were aloud 60 days to do a free trade in to the newest model. My hopes are that when the release version is released they let all current exploreres upgrade for free as well

  10. Hard to collaborate with just one Glass. As a minimum both you and your mobile collaborator need two. Stationary kibbitzers can tune in via WiFi.

  11. I just got invited to purchase my first one. RIght around XMAS time, good timing Google. I have seven days to respond, not sure if I can :(

  12. If anyone has an invite code and isn’t going to use it, I’d sure like to have it!

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