CyanogenMod 10.2 (Android 4.3) hits stable status, KitKat work begins



The CyanogenMod team has announced that they have finally hit stable status for CyanogenMod 10.2, which is the release based on Android 4.3. While many of you have been enjoying release candidates and milestone releases for quite some time, this stable release means the device is ready for public consumption, and the CM team will shift focus to the next major version of Android (Android 4.4 KitKat, in case you’ve been under a rock the past month or so).

The team says the stable release will come to all the devices officially supported in release candidate 1, though there’s a chance more could be added (whether officially or unofficially) down the line. Despite the team’s new focus on Android 4.4 KitKat and CyanogenMod 11, they have reassured us that security patches and bug fixes for major issues in CM 10.2 will be on the way.

With that, we’re being told that folks will have something to flash “very soon,” whether you’re a fan of super stable work or bleeding edge experiments. That’s as close as we’re going to get to an ETA until the team is ready to announce the first bits of release information, so don’t clog their inbox up with questions asking for a release date. Be sure to grab the latest GAPPs package while you’re downloading your stable CM 10.2, and always remember to back your data up before flashing — it never hurts to be too safe.

[Download via CyanogenMod]

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  1. I actually know two people with Galaxy S / Captivate still (strange I know) that I loaded up CM10.1 on. CM already runs great on them considering the hardware, looking forward to seeing how CM11 runs on them with project svelte and all.

    1. Yeah. Amazingly, CM10.2 (Android 4.3) runs EXTREMELY well on my 2010 B&N Nook Color (512MB of RAM and a single-core CPU), so I’m looking forward to an even better experience with CM11.

      CM has definitely extended the life of a lot of my devices. The B&N Nook Color STILL gets used regularly by members of my household and it’s three years old this month.

  2. Begins? I was reading a thread on XDA yesterday with a CM11 already available for my phone (data doesn’t work yet mind, and I think there are a few other issues) so it’s hardly just begun…

    1. I’m pretty sure he means an official build being rolled out from CM’s servers, not an “unofficial” build from someone on XDA.

  3. CM10.2 is already downloading on my Xperia Tablet (pollux windy). I don’t expect major changes since I’m running milestone 10.2, but I’m glad they finally released a stable version.

    Now on to CM11.

  4. No RC or stable releases posted for the Razr M. I am running a 4.4 build that is better than the nightly 4.3 builds for this phone.

    1. CM doesn’t officially support the Razr M. If they did I would have switched my g/f’s phone over a year ago.

        1. Awesome. I did not know. No one ever talks about the Razr M.

          1. It is an awesome phone. The few devs we have put a lot of work into the device. Since Motorola promised KitKat for it, I expect we will see some decent builds for a while. I like the size of it. Sadly, Verizon blocked the Rosenberg exploit and there was only a small window to unlock bootloaders. . Thankfully I jumped in early.

  5. I downloaded the sanpshot for my HTC one and had all sorts of WiFi and cellular data issues. I really like cyanogen mod bit I doubt this “stable” release is ready for prime time

  6. As nice as it is that CM is updating old phones, it is a battery hog, in my experience. Haven’t tried it on the GNex, but when they bring CM11 I may, especially if it has the clear nav bar like my N5.

    1. Most devices should be able to have the transparent navigation and notification bars. There’s only a couple that suffer issues with it because they don’t handle hardware overlays well (Nexus 10 comes to mind, immediately). ;)

      The Galaxy Nexus definitely can use the transparent bars. I’ve tested it on mine with no issues (and, yes, I’m using an N5 as my daily driver, too). :)

  7. On my LG G2 it is not really “stable” It works well enough no crashes or anything so I guess in that way it is stable but certain games and apps that works perfectly on Stock have no input on CM… As in the touch screen does not work when you load these games up and you cannot interact with them. Examples of this being Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Into The Dead, Google Chrome..

  8. Would it be possible (with a reasonable degree of safety) to flash the CM 10.2 stable build without wiping all data if you’re already running the 10.2 Release Candidate 1? (T-Mobile Galaxy S3)

    1. Yeah, you should be able to flash a newer version over an older version with no data loss. I did just that an had no problems.

  9. Thanks for the quick response, ninjustin.

  10. No i605 still :-(

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