Dec 3rd, 2013


Display technology is growing at very rapid rates, and 2014 should bring us many interesting breakthroughs. Meizu looks to be the next player to make some noise in that space, with their “Meizu MX4G” rumored to be coming with a 5-5inch 2560 x 1536 display. That gives us a Pixel density of about 542ppi.

Some might argue that the human eye wouldn’t even be able to make having such technology worth it, with many folks believing anything far beyond 300ppi is overkill. Regardless, it’d be exciting to see just how sharp this display looks up against some of the 1080p beasts of today.

We don’t know much else about this phone, though the “4G” in its name does tell us we can expect speeds faster than 3G. But with such a high resolution and Meizu’s reputation for not holding back, we suspect we won’t be disappointed once the full details come to light.

[CTech via PhoneArena]

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