Meizu MX4G rumored to have ridiculous 5.5-inch 2560 x 1536 display



Display technology is growing at very rapid rates, and 2014 should bring us many interesting breakthroughs. Meizu looks to be the next player to make some noise in that space, with their “Meizu MX4G” rumored to be coming with a 5-5inch 2560 x 1536 display. That gives us a pixel density of about 542ppi.

Some might argue that the human eye wouldn’t even be able to make having such technology worth it, with many folks believing anything far beyond 300ppi is overkill. Regardless, it’d be exciting to see just how sharp this display looks up against some of the 1080p beasts of today.

We don’t know much else about this phone, though the “4G” in its name does tell us we can expect speeds faster than 3G. But with such a high resolution and Meizu’s reputation for not holding back, we suspect we won’t be disappointed once the full details come to light.

[CTech via PhoneArena]

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  1. Umm, because moar pixels is better at this point right?

    1. The more smartphones with ridiculous high density panels the more options for virtual reality devices like Oculus Rift with amazing specs at affordable prices.
      So, as a future Oculus Rift owner I can only say: YESSSSS!!!

      1. Star Citizen is going to support Oculus Rift… yummy space ships

    2. Look at the nexus 5 or note 3 next to any retina iPad or iPhone, you can see a huge difference. The ability to see every individual pixel has no bearing on the effect every pixel has on an image. That’s what people don’t get.

      1. Honestly, you can’t see a huge difference between a Nexus 5 and iPhone 5s when it comes to picture quality at normal operating distances. (And actually the Nexus 5 display is yellower, which makes the iPhone 5s display look better). I love my Nexus 5, but after about 18-20″ from my face, the difference is pixel density is negligible.

        And going from 445 to 542, the differences would be even less apparent.

        1. There is a discernable difference and even more so it depends on your sight and unless you have done real world testing you have no say in the matter. You are just spreading hearsay thats been spreading around.

          1. 3/4 of my friends (including my gf) own an iPhone 5 or 5s. i have done plenty of side by sides either because I wanted to see or my friend wanted to see the comparison. I wasn’t just pulling that out of my ass.

          2. It does not surprise me that you only have 4 friends.

  2. Smexy

    1. Too bad this design isn’t going to happen, or come to the states.

      1. we have the ceo of meizu on board guys.

        1. Having common sense gets you to be CEO nowadays?

          1. I’m sure being a CEO requires common sense.

          2. Sure, among many other aspects required. However, I don’t think my comment to your original post will make me CEO… But I wouldn’t mind if it did.

  3. Galaxy note 4 has a lot of pressure on it

  4. I will argue that it’s dumb. Around 300 ppi is where most people can’t discern pixels. Above 400 and essentially no human eye can discern pixels. Pushing the pixel density above 500 brings no discernible difference, but a huge cost in processing power. Also, if this display is LCD, there is a huge cost in battery life from the extra backlight needed. So high cost for no return. Dumb.

    1. It depends how close you are to the screen. I can discern the pixels on my S4 and it allows me to play tablet games like SpaceChem because the font is readable.

      1. That actually probably has to do (at least somewhat) with the pentile display. When watching movies or looking at pictures, the eye usually can’t notice the reduced red and blue sub-pixels, but the flaws with pentile usually stand out with fine text.

        Even still, you must be holding the phone fairly close.

    2. I’ll actually even toss in another point.

      Content. Currently there really is only max 1080p content. (Sure there is some 4k, but it wouldn’t even fit on your phone’s storage and this phone isn’t 4k). So for all intents and purposes 1080p is the highest we can go. At best, it would look exactly like 1080p content (no gain). At worst, since the content would have to be stretched to a non-native resolution, it would actually look worse than on a 1080p display.

    3. Before my N5 I would have agreed with you, but the difference is discernable especially with texts, like my calculus book, I’ll read at full screen not zoomed in or landscape. What the human eye can notice depends entirely on the distance, and at the normal distance that we use our phones, distance from our face, 330PPI or less is enough. On my N5 I can read books better than on my 2012 N7(213PPI I think), but I truly would have been satisfied with a 330PPI display and the battery/processor benefits, and even was considering selling it to get a moto x or g, if not for it’s nexus status and wide range of band compatibility.

      This display is just plain ridiculous, BTW.

      1. The difference from 213 to 330 or 445 (Nexus 5) is absolutely huge. I wasn’t talking about going from “non-retina” (for lack of a better term) to “retina”. I was talking about going from retina to higher.

        It’s very easy to see the pixels at 213 ppi especially with text, and even at normal viewing distances. But once you cross low 300s and definitely once you cross 400, the difference become negligible at normal distance.

        1. I should have been more clear, pixelation isn’t a problem with the N7 when viewing books often, but I also had a GNex and N4 briefly, and the difference from that 330ish PPI to the N5 is very noticeable, as well.

    4. Its not dumb, its innovation.

      1. On the contrary. Just as more RAM or more storage wouldn’t be considered innovation anymore. Bumping up PPI is their way of differentiating from last years models because they haven’t innovated. There is nothing new. Nokia’s cameras would be the last real smartphone innovation we’ve had.

  5. If it has T-Mobile LTE, I would buy 1

  6. I don’t care if this device is under $400, LOL~

  7. what about battery life and screen on time?

  8. why?

    1. why not?

      1. ‘Cause our 42″ tv is “only” Full HD. Why use such insane resolution on a phone? I mean it’s literally pointless to have a pixel density above (Idon’twanttobeasmartarsesoIwon’tsayanumber) pixels per inch. I mean, look at a 1080p smartphone display and I’ll buy you a beer, if you can point at a pixel. ; )

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