Nov 18th, 2013


While the 8GB of internal storage inside the OUYA wasn’t a huge problem for most, some have been a bit unhappy with the paltry initial offering. Thankfully OUYA has been listening, and has decided to bring us 16GB of storage… inside the new all-white OUYA. The device is now available for $130, which is just over $30 more than what the original launched for.

$30 for just 8GB more is a bit unnerving, but OUYA will soon be giving folks another option for expanding storage as the company has promised a software upgrade that should enable support for USB flash drives. We’re not sure how well that will work for installing games and apps, but it’s a heck of a lot better than being confined to what comes pre-installed.

The timing of this release is interesting, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 now available and the Xbox One set to launch this Friday. OUYA continues to contend that their console offers tremendous value, and that it deserves a spot in your home up next to the big boys.

Whether that turns out to be reality remains to be seen, but they certainly aren’t shy about trying to steal some of the spotlight from the major players of the industry. Be sure to order one at OUYA’s site if you’re interested .

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