HTC M8 leaked; Rumored specs include Snapdragon 800 chipset, 3GB of RAM, and more


Truth be told, HTC has done a pretty good job of sticking to their plan to focus on one main smartphone per year. The HTC One has been their big dog in this fierce mobile race for 2013, with the One Mini and One Max filling out the vast majority of their lineup.


It’s about to be 2014, though, and it’s time to start looking for the true spiritual successor to the HTC One. According to ePrice, that successor is the HTC M8. According to them, this thing is supposed to be specced out to compete. Here’s the limited list of internals we know about so far:

  • Snapdragon 800 quad-core chipset
  • 3GB of RAM
  • Between 5 and 5.2-inch display

While we don’t have the rest of the low-down on this device just yet, it sounds like HTC will be pulling out all the stops. Unfortunately it will still appear as if the company is behind the times as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 houses hardware just as powerful as the list above, but considering the HTC One Max didn’t rock anyone’s socks off we can’t say we won’t be excited.

The photos that came along with this leak show a device that is largely similar to the current HTC One. We should be seeing metal make a glorious return, and this model could very well come with the same fingerprint reader we saw on the HTC One Max.

If you notice closely, there are two holes on the back of the device — one smaller one above the top separator, and a bigger one that will likely house the camera sensor. We can’t say for sure what it is just yet, of course, but we’d be surprised if HTC elected to exclude the scanner for their next flagship smartphone.

It’s all a rumor, though, so we’ll be doing a lot of guesswork until early 2014 when this thing is scheduled to be unveiled. In the meantime, let us know if you’d be interested in staying on the HTC train if this device is the one that ends up pulling into the station.

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  1. The LCD on the One is the best display period other than Samsung’s. The LG G2 looks washed out as well as the Sony Xperia Z. Those displays just seem not as sharp.

    1. “The LCD on the One is the best display period” … “other than Samsung’s” So erm..is it the best or not!? ;-)

      1. i like the htc one display million times better than samsung its more sharp and real colors

    2. I was looking at the G2 in Best Buy and surprisingly it’s a very sharp vibrant screen. I still hate LG though

      1. the display on the G2 and the display on the htc One are the two absolutely best screens on the market. I wouldn’t be so harsh on LG, they’ve improved by leaps and bounds in the last year and personally I think their fit and finish are better than Samsung’s. Not only that but LG just happens to make most of Apple’s displays, which are also some of the best in the industry. Now their User Interface…. that’s another story altogether. lol

  2. 5.2″ screen with little bezel like the G2 but with front facing speakers=instant buy for me

  3. This is the device that will replace my htc One, I bet it has a step up at least from the just released 800 processor and not just higher clock speed.

    1. rumors point to next year’s snap800 having a significantly improved gpu

      1. can’t wait to find out. : )

  4. M8? Does that not entail Microsoft?

  5. Enough of the One series already

  6. Please include a microSD card…it is very useful…not a killer feature though! And an 8 MP UltraPixel camera too!

    1. Very important point… I think an 8MP UltraPixel would really shut the competition down

  7. so much for solely focusing on low end phones. i hope htc puts a huge battery in this one, 3000mah or GTFO! also, up the ultrapixel to at least 8MP please.

  8. Is it going to be another metal and glue sandwich with a 1/10 repair score?

  9. Htc is slow or what?

  10. Change the buttons or GTF out of my face.

    1. This x100

    2. I agree, I prefer capacitive buttons but I don’t really like the layout on my note 3. I prefer a capacitive home button than the clicky normal button on my Note 3. I loved the layout on my EVO LTE! I don’t much care for on-screen buttons as the phone manufacturers are ALWAYS going to have a little space above and below the screen and I’d rather them put the buttons there than waste on-screen real-estate. Although I do see the idea behind on-screen buttons as they are customizable, although until Android really starts to embrace this there is no point. But the layout on the HTC ONE models is crazy annoying. If you’re only going to do two buttons I’d rather have on-screen ones! And no, doubling button functions does not make it any better HTC! Friggin put your logos in speaker grills rather than take up the friggin middle section! Arg! It’s like HTC NEVER gets IT!?


      1. Let this be a lesson to HTC, whatever you do, there is will be praisers and complainers. When the HTC One X came out, everyone and their mom cried on how HTC should have had on screen buttons, and how capacitive buttons were so old school.

        I say, listen to your instincts and your research, not to posters (not referring to any one poster and not specifically referring to Fifth313ment) who say one thing, then change their minds….or say one thing, then you do it, then they move the goal posts to continue complaining because they really don’t care about the product, but just hate your brand.

  11. yes lord… I decided to skip the One for the Nexus 5 on Tmo

    definitely gonna be JUMPing to the M8 next year

  12. HTC is going for a repeat of the best device of the year… I’ll certainly be copping it. Can you imagine a bigger screen with on-screen nav buttons with the boom sound speakers?? Dreamy… It’ll shut the game down!

    1. only 800 tho ?

      1. sources allude to there only being an upgraded gpu version of the 800 next year

  13. I’m done with any other phone Thats doesn’t brand the name Nexus.

    1. Elitist… I’ll buy both!

    2. I would be totally in the boat but nexus phones do have a lot of concessions… and it’s why I’m hesitating on upgrading to the nexus 5

    3. Thats why im waiting till HTC makes another Nexus. I love HTC, and would love to own a Nexus.

  14. I hope that HTC comes to its senses and finally embraces on-screen buttons. That, and include a bigger battery for god’s sake (At least 3000mah).

    I might just hold off replacing my One and wait for this to come out.

  15. Still waiting for removable memory (and a bigger or removable battery). The HTC Butterfly S has both, but no signs of its crossing the Pacific.

    1. Exactly! I already have this phone and it’s called the Note 3! But I would rather have HTC’s design, speakers and Sense over TouchWiz (Nature UX) anyday.

  16. Yay another giant phone!

  17. Man, 4.7in is perfect for my hands. These phone manufacturers are ridiculous with their big screens.

  18. The want to sell their phones, make it possible to choose between Sense or Stock android.

  19. There should have been no HTC One max. That device should have been this device. The fact that the One max saw the light of day speaks to the incredible issues that are in HTC’s supply chain and their diminished purchasing power. The HTC built Nexus One and EVO 4G arguably put Qualcomm on the map as the go-to SoC manufacturer for Android, with subsequent devices cementing their position.

    Up until this year Qualcomm’s newest SoC has, at least in US markets, premiered in the fall Verizon HTC hero device. Now HTC doesn’t have enough clout to get the new SoC in their fall devices.

    I hope them all the best with the next One, I have the current device and love it. But when it came time for my mid-year upgrade, after six HTC devices over three years, I went with the Note 3 and with devices like the tepid One max, I’m not sure I will be looking back unless something dramatically changes.

  20. Butterfly 2…?

  21. The tiny hole on top of the camera housing… could it be something like what apple is doing on its home/touch ID… Press it as power button and also unlocks phone with fingerprint? However, it’s at an awkward position though.

  22. Please make it 5-7 inches , Adreno 350 GPU and 3 GB RAM , Then for sure me and the rest of the people will buy HTC M8 :D

  23. Heard from another site its a finger print scanner smaller then the one on the max. I was going to pick up a htc one when the price fell hopefully on blackfruday or when amazons prices goes down to were it was last month, but a faster processor, hopefully an upgrade to an already good camera and 3gb ram, and maybe better battery life….I might wait for this. I don’t need the screen to be bigger, that’s what the max is for.

  24. Hope it’s still a unibody, I like the idea of a removable battery, but I also don’t. For the sake of the gorgeous build. I love my HTC One best phone I’ve ever had, and I’ve had Motorola’s, Samsungs, HTC’s, experias and LG’s.

  25. The home button is the best place to put a fingerprint sensor. Apple got that one right, unfortunately.

  26. Still no SD card and same design frame

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