HTC M8 (One sequel) tipped for all major US carriers before the end of Q1



Last week, we learned about a new HTC One sequel that would eventually be the baseline for the company’s new flagship fleet in 2014. Dubbed the HTC M8, the device is expected to house updated internals, including a Snapdragon 800 processor, a display between 5 and 5.2 inches, 3GB of RAM, and possibly the same fingerprint scanner currently found on the oversized HTC One Max.

Information has been scarce otherwise, but a bit of new details have leaked by way of @evleaks. According to them, the HTC M8 is said to be headed straight for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint whenever it launches. Beyond that, we’re told to expect the device to launch by the end of Q1 2014.

We aren’t totally surprised by that considering the HTC One was also on every carrier, but you just never know if certain carriers will opt to pass one certain devices to push their own “unique” offerings (we’re looking at you, Big Red). Still, it’s nice to know so far ahead of time that you will be able to enjoy HTC’s latest wares no matter which major carrier you decide to do business with.

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  1. Will it be bigger than the HTC One Max? I do hope it has a slot for a memory card. I’m planning to buy the HTC One (or the Samsung S4/S5) when my contract ends next year (and it’ll be cheaper)…

    1. It will likely be same size as current gen of devices (4.99-5.2), but with better internals.

      1. Thanks for your answer. I hope there’ll be a slot for a memory card & it’ll be as big as the HTC One (and not the Max)

        1. To do that they would need to remove the capacitive buttons. The HTC One is a 4.7 screen. To add that .5, they would need to either make the phone larger, or get rid of some bezel space.

          I hope they get rid of the capacitive buttons. This way the phone would be physically the same size. And less bezel on phones is starting to look cool.

    2. It says screen size of 5″ to 5.2″… did you care to read?

      1. I did read but I didn’t pay attention to the screen size. Thanks for bringing that up :-)

        1. Classy response to a rude poster.

  2. I hope they fix the capacitive button arrangement, either way it should off something pretty good as the follow up of arguably the best handset of 2013

    1. How about they get rid of it to shorten the bezel and make on-screen buttons? That way I can have my search button. =.3

  3. This will most likely be my next phone. I dont care what everyone else says about hTC. hTC has been the fastest custom UI I have always used.

    1. I agree no lag and its a very light skin doesnt use up much of the ram at all. Just the current one is too small. I wasnt going to go backwards from the dna so for now i have the G2 till the new one comes out. I like how they gave it the iphone galaxy treatment with easily available accessories.

    2. Exactly, I’m right with you. I’ll be moving to this phone from my G2. I orginally had the HTC One, fantastic phone still.

  4. They need to find a way to trim down the bezel and still have the stereo speaker set up ala g2

    1. This is true. I can’t imagine how large the HTC One Max will look in person.

    2. hell yea, if the LG G2 and HTC One had a baby… Id steal it from its crib and feed it from my man boobs!

      or just buy it when it released… whatever floats your boat :/

    3. the g2 doesn’t have stereo speakers.

  5. My Jump is in January. I guess I can save it for the next batch of phones. This is so crazy though. I feel like the HTC One just came out, but that was way back in March. Time is passing WAY too fast. LoL!!

    And I’m loving it. I can’t wait to see what companies are coming out with.

    1. Very true… I think its just that the leaks are out pretty early, I wouldn’t expect any leaks until January usually.

  6. They also need either a removable battery or a very strong efficient battery

    1. That would be great!

    2. I loved my HTC One, best phone I ever used. My only knock was the battery life, and camera was hit or miss especially if a picture needed to be cropped or zoomed and I wish the screen was a little wider, other than that the perfect phone. If I knew for a fact it would be out in Jan I’d probably return my Nexus 5 and wait for that, but more than likely it will be March or April, and by then, i’ll have another upgrade on a line and will be all over this if they add a larger battery and up the ultra pixel to 8MP.

    3. HTC and great battery life is an oxymoron

      1. You obviously don’t own a One Mini…

        1. …nope. I would never get a mini version of a device

          1. Exactly, why the need to have a mini when we can have a bigger 1080p screen with high pixel density?? We’re not in 2008lolz

          2. Because some people have baby hands and they’re tired of iPhone and too afraid to get something bigger

          3. happens to have great battery life… Your earlier statement re: HTC and battery life is no longer valid.

      2. You’re obviously speaking out of your behind.
        Take it from a HTC One owner: battery life is great.

        1. He looks old, so he may be senile or catatonic. lol.

          1. Jack Kevorkian is dead actually…

        2. At what point of your day so you turn on auto sync, turn your brightness back up and start actually playing with your phone?

          1. At what point of your day are you going to look yourself in the mirror, reflect upon your life, and realize that you’re still speaking out of your behind?

  7. Do we even know for sure if its even going to be running Android ?

    1. Uhh, what else would it be running?

      1. It could be running Windows for all we know. HTC had made Windows phones quite recently.

        1. Maybe it will dual boot Android & Windows? Recent rumours have hinted at that.

          Watch im gonna get downvoted for this too lol

    2. Downvoted for a plausible question ? Really ?

  8. Little late on the news..

  9. this shall be my next phone! o/

    *looks at current HTC Sensation in disgust*

    1. I couldn’t wait. Tossed my sensation after I smashed it with a hammer and got my note 3. I regret nothing. Love HTC but couldn’t wait any longer for a boss device.

  10. Let me guess, no SD Card slot, no removable batter and no wireless charging.

    If my guess is right, they are driving me away.

    1. Goodbye.

      1. Sorry, I replied so late. I am busy watching HD movies from my phone saved in my 64Gb micro SD card while having a 12 hours non stop flight. Also, I can always replace my battery if ever. I got 4 spare batteries here and 2 x 64Gb storage spare for 1080p HD or 4k resolution recording and for 13 megapixel quick snapshots.

        When I reach my destination, I’ll go camping and I have tons of music stored to listen too and still not worried of getting low bat.

        Isn’t that convenient? Micro SD card + removable battery? No, you can’t travel with your latest HTC.

        and, Good bye HTC.. I used to be a fan and supporter.

        1. Wow, a downvote because I can store more movies on my phone? HTC fanboys = losers

          1. Firstly, don’t complain about down votes. It’s tacky. Someone doesn’t agree with you. Big deal. Here, have another. From me to you. Merry Christmas. If you have the luxury of taking a twelve hour flight to go camping, surely you can afford plenty of these


            Your removable battery comment is invalid. Guess what. Android supports USB otg so you can swap a movie you’ve finished watching with another by having a flash drive with you. Congrats, now instead of being limited to a theoretical 128gb of SD storage; you have terabytes of it at your disposal. Matter of fact, why are concerned about media storage while you’re camping? Shouldn’t you be enjoying the fresh air, slowing down, and watching real life? Not ‘The Dark Knight’?

            Sorry for the rant. But the whole “Needs SD. Needs removable battery. Needs this. Needs that.” Is just getting old.

          2. That’s the point, you are paying for the phone at premium price anyway and they want you to use OTG when they could have slapped a microSD card if they wanted too. Thank you for supporting companies like this.

          3. Kick and scream all you want, but removable batteries and storage are going away. Besides the few minority, such as yourself, it’s just unnecessary. And if you do need it, see the options above.

        2. Portable battery chargers are no less convenient to have than spare batteries. HTC’s battery barbis good for three charges. Why do Samsung fantasy always forget this?

        3. lol, 4k Wtf? and watch 4k resolution recorded from a crappy ass source? 13 Mgpxl quick snapshots, hmm if theyre quick snapshots do you really need 13 Mgpxls? You really come off as a specwhore.

      2. I’m moving towards the precipice on this issue. I’ve made lots of noise similar to comments here (I want a bigger battery; I want to be able to use my 64g microsd card; no other phone until then….) but lately I’ve picked up a Nexus 7 which is devoid of external memory, and I’m starting to experiment with an OTG cable which renders removable storage obsolete. If the trend continues, I could see myself joining the growing trend. I am definitely tired of carrying multiple batteries, backs and chargers when I travel on business or vacation, and the Nexus 7 doesn’t appear to require any of that.

    2. Good! Keep out, I hope the HTC One is laying a foundation of where HTC is headed and make little to no compromises. The HTC one was the best and most innovative phone of 2013 and I hope the M8 will do it again next year.

  11. 5.2 like the G2 would be perfect. One was too small, max, too big.

  12. HTC wikl not make a memory card slot. People need to get over that. The battery life on the One is good to great and the bezels on this thing aren’t as big as some like to act. The Galaxy 4 is just as big in top/bottom bezels

  13. Not interested in HTC over Samsung, until/unless they fix the following:
    1) obligatory: A large removable BATTERY
    2) obligatory: SDXC slot (128GB is coming soon)
    3) slimmer BEZELS while keeping the stereo speakers
    4) get rid of the physical buttons and go SOFTWARE BUTTONS (even more bezel savings)
    5) better camera
    6) drop the gimicky fingerprint scanner

    The rest of the specs meet my expectations; If they also met the above, I’d actually give them a chance for my next upgrade (from a Note 3). (and, fwiw, I wish the Note 4 would ALSO lose the home button, and maybe shrink from 5.7″ to 5.5″, for a slightly smaller formfactor)

    1. Have fun with ur Touchwiz garbage then… I’ll be enjoying the M8

      1. Will do. And you have fun with your “premium-feel garbage” too. *high five*

        1. Nice oxymoron… moron… i kid, *high five*

    2. I thought HTC only had physical buttons for power and volume? Your mandatory requirements may just be wishful thinking haha

      1. Erm. The capacitive buttons are still physical hardware vs configurable onscreen in s/w

    3. Lol buy a laptop, its a mobile world we shouldn’t regress to archaic mean.

  14. Because every guy loves lugging around four batteries and multiple micro sd cards in his satchell. Removable batteries and SD cards will never be mainstream. It’s not necessary and if you argue they are then you’re missing the differences between a tablet, laptop and a mobile phone. The industry will force you to cloud storage nobody including Sammy is going to stop that. It’s all about the $$$

  15. I also forget every mobile phone user is a mini professional who knows exactly what to do with the 4K resolution video/picture. I see why you will need the 128GB micro SD. Your 4K resolution food pics take up a lot of space!

  16. Anyone saying the battery on HTC phones don’t last are just talking out there ass , the HTC butterfly s has a 3200mah battery and so does the HTC max and even the HTC one 2300mah seems to last longer then the galaxy s4 2600. Not to mention if you do need to carry around extra batteries for the s4 you can always buy a portable charger or even a mophie juice case for the HTC one.

  17. The M8 is not in the same company as the Note 3! There’s a reason GN3 lovers love the NOTE 3. We have a stylus to do things other devices cannot! Now BBM me: 7B725FA9

    1. Whos going to take any tech tips from someone still using BBM? No one!

      1. WHO CARES what YOU THINK? You sir are an irrelevant addition to life!

  18. Battery upgrade and better camera would definitely make me scoop this up, with a bonus if an SD slot show up. The Note 3 is bigger than I’m wanting but as of now it’s the only device that I feel justified in paying full price for, if the Dev edition ever shows up in decent quantities anyway.

    Guess I can survive two more months to get a device that I’ll truly be happy with.

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