HTC continues trend, net income down $137 million in Q3


HTC has just dropped its financials for the third quarter of 2012, and once again the numbers are following a downward trend. Overall, the Taiwanese mobile maker reported gains of NT$70.2 billion ($2.4billion), though net income (pre-tax) was down to NT$4 billion ($137 million). The number comes in far below last quarters income of $250 million. HTC has been banking on a strategy of fewer devices, higher quality in the hopes that it can draw customers back from the likes of Samsung and Apple, but this year’s HTC One line has yet to really spark the sort of positive earnings the company would like. Perhaps the One X+ will bring along plus results.


Taoyuan, Taiwan–Octoboer 8, 2012: HTC Corporation (TWSE: 2498), a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today announces unaudited consolidated results for 3Q 2012. For the third quarter of 2012, total revenues reached NT$70.2 billion. Unaudited operating income was NT$4.9 billion, net income before tax was NT$4.0 billion, net income after tax, excluding minority interest, was NT$3.9 billion, and unaudited earnings per share after tax were NT$4.70 based on 831,227 thousand weighted average number of shares.

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  1. Put your high end phones on ALL carriers. Until then try to enjoy that downward trend.

    1. This. I don’t understand why manufacturers bank on keeping their best phones on one carrier, then giving others nothing, or a watered down version of their best current model. Samsung is successful because their flagship models make it to all carriers, and because they actually advertise. Samsung: “Here’s our best phone. Here’s what it does. This is why it’s better than the iPhone (the only other phone you might buy). And look, you can buy our phone on all major carriers. We love getting your money.”

      1. They don’t generally, but the US phone scene is very screwed up.

    2. All the carriers have a variant of the One series… Tmobile and Verizon just gets the One S variant while At&t and s
      Sprint gets the One X variant..

    3. Sad. This is like having a friend that’s self-destructive and you can’t live their life for them. You just watch them make bad decisions and shake your head.

  2. I pretty much didn’t get an HTC because of their sense software and their lack of headphones…

    1. Lack of headphones?
      Surely if headphones are important to you, you’d be sporting a decent third party set?
      Agree with the first part though.

    2. yeah loving my iBeats. Thanks HTC. Besides, M A N Y phones don’t come with headphones. Outside of that, the ones that do are pretty junky. Invest in GOOD headies that work for your tastes.

    3. Sense imo, is one of the best Android software out, apart from stock… It’s all about personal opinion. But lack of headphones? Really? You shouldn’t be getting a phone based on it’s headphones..

      1. waaaaaaaah I didn’t get headphones!!!!!…. the sammy headphones are cheap as crap and just a selling point. they just like the apple ones gets thrown away immmediately get over yourself people.

  3. They could benefit from listening to fan input.

  4. if ive money to buy a smartphone now, i dont see any reason to buy HTC. they dont offer me any unique selling point.

  5. Perhaps if they released their source code in a timely manner, people like myself would consider them over Sammy (see the article posted after this one).

  6. I would have opted for the One X over the S3 if it had expandable memory and a removable battery.

  7. I would buy an HTC phone but they don’t have any great phones on Verizon …I wanted the One X but I couldn’t have it ….

  8. Its simple. Removable storage, removable battery and release on all 4 carriers.

    1. This! I was a fan of HTC and owned every HTC devices since the windows days and enjoyed having an extra battery and expanding my memory storage. So I didnt want to steer away from that and went with the s3. Not saying this is a must for everyone but this is why they lost me as a customer.

  9. Still using my good old desire. Thing is rock solid. But it’s still runing 2.2 so next smartphone will be a Sammy because of that. Not that i have found any application that i couldn’t run on 2.2. Unlike iphones where 90% of the apps won’t install if you don’t have latest OS.

  10. Add a SD card slot on ALL the One variants (not just the Evo LTE) and you would have a seller… If HTC is not going with the removable battery anymore, at least have a big battery so that people wouldn’t complain… Hopefully next year, they’ll learn their lesson when they come out with another phone series…

  11. HTC shot itself in the foot with a grenade launcher when it decided to include an anemic non removable battery and no external SD support. That allowed Samsung to run away with the market even though HTC released their phones first.

    Also HTC needs to learn to enhance Android like Samsung does, not just slap some UI on top of it.

    I was going to get an HTC phone this year (I believe millions of others were too) until I learned no removable battery and no external SD, then I gave HTC the middle finger. If I wanted a lame and restricted device I would have purchased that popular overly expensive fruit.

  12. HTC has been banking on fewer devices…..

    ……like the One X, One V, One S, Droid Incedible 4G, HTC EVo 4G LTE, One VX, One X+, One SU, One SC, One ST, One XC, One XT, One VC, One VT, One V, Desire X, Desire C…….

    (I’m sure I’m missing some)

  13. Ditto to what most are saying here.How do you expect to sell a device that is only on one carrier?

    Also, put a bigger battery in the device. Poor battery life and bad multitasking are what killed the one x for me (and only 10gb of useable storage space?! Come on now…)

  14. I know for most people the problem with the One X is the omission of the SD card and the non-removable battery, and those are indeed issues that held back the One X, which hardware wise is a great phone otherwise.

    HTC’s biggest problem is Sense, I owned both the HTC Thunderbolt and Rezound and both phones were excellent from a hardware perspective, the build quality was excellent and the specs were top notch, (I’ll ignore the battery issues on the thunderbolt for now, it was the first LTE phone ever) But sense slowed the phones down so much, and I’ve used the new sense it tries to make it look as if it’s lighter, but the multitasking issues so Sense 4.0 for what it still is a huge memory and resource hog, Touchwiz isn’t great, but at least it isn’t the resource hog Sense is. The second biggest problem is battery life, I’ve owned many samsung and htc phones and Samsung always trumps HTC when it comes to battery life, partly because of the first problem Sense, I remember when AOSP came out for the thunderbolt getting 4-5 hours of active usage out of my thunderbolt.

    And with the issues with the non-removable battery, lack of and SD card and locked bootloader issues that mostly affect XDA members, People claim that these are issues that the common user doesn’t care about, but they underestimate the influence we have, With the exception of a few devoted apple users, almost everyone I know asks me for advice when it comes time for them to buy a new smartphone or buying their first smartphone (and for some very basic users I do actually recommend an iphone) and I’m usually going to recommend Samsung most of the time partly because of those reasons. And those users who are usaully very happy with their device show it to other people they know and may mention their tech friend recommended it. etc etc.

    It seems likes the choice more and more becoming not should I buy an iPhone or Android, but should I buy Samsung or Apple, Samsung has made a huge names for itself with three rounds of extremely successful galaxy phones and trust in a brand name means a lot to the general smartphone buying public, who often know very little about smartphones and to whom the list of specs is just mumbo jumbo.

  15. HTC doesn’t understand who their customers are. They aren’t building what consumers want, they’re building what carriers want.

  16. What do you except from a company that made it big manufacturing nice higher end android phones that now thinks it can sell us a windows phone. Android plus nice phones, removable storage, removable battery and really nice display! Forget your windows phone as I would buy a different brand before I would buy a windows phone.

    1. um…. That is wrong… everything… every word… They started on windows, they just happened to make the first android….

  17. Poor HTC, they make such good phones.

  18. Just seen a tweet about an HTC DLX – is this new ? 5″ screen 1.5gb RAM Snapdragon S4, 16gb Storage.

  19. lets see…
    -non removable storage
    -no micro sd slot
    -“thinner phones over battery life mentality”
    -locked bootloader
    -bad optimisation/awful battery life
    -bad marketing
    -no beat headphones with beat powered phone
    -phone launch with million bugs
    -not available on every carrier

    add a little salt and pepper and you have a recipe of failure.

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