Nov 12th, 2013

Nissan seems to have a big showing at the Tokyo Motor Show coming up. The company has recently taken to YouTube to begin teasing something being called the “Nissan 3E.” The entire teaser is about as vague as vague can be, but particular emphasis was put on a mysterious piece of eyewear on the driver of the mysterious vehicle.

We’re not sure what it could be, but it reminds us of a certain other piece of tech that also has something to do with your eyes. I’m talking about none other than Google Glass, of course. Speculation is all we have to work with right now, but it’ll be interesting to see what Nissan is trying to do here.

For starters, whatever is shown in the video can’t possibly be approved for road safety. The contraption covered the entire eye of the driver, which is most certainly a no-no. Even the less-obtrusive Google Glass is getting the attention of law enforcement, with one woman being ticketed for having a “visible monitor” in front of her.

Without much information as to what this could turn out to be we’re left to play the imagination game. One thing’s for sure, though — our eyes will be squarely focused on the Tokyo Motor Show starting November 22nd. You can bet we’ll be reporting on whatever it is Nissan has to show the world. Watch the quick clip above.

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