Domino’s thought their app sucked like their pizza used to, so they changed it [UK Only]


dominos new app

Domino’s has been a weird company to watch over the years. Many people publicly express distaste for them for a number of things, with the biggest being pizza that used to taste like the cardboard it’s delivered in. Their self-deprecating advertising campaign hasn’t slowed down with their “new and improved” pizza and website, though — they also felt the need to declare that their app sucked.

We use the term “suck” in past tense, though, because they have changed that with a brand new app — made from the ground up — in the Google Play Store. The app does a decent job of playing to current Android design guidelines, giving folks a fast and easy way to order slices on the go. There’s good news for UK folks and bad news for everyone else, though — this redesigned app is only for the UK.

You’ll have the full menu at your fingertips, and once your order is placed you can track it every step of the way with Domino’s Pizza Tracker. You can also use the store locator if you prefer to pick the pizza up yourself, and redeem coupons to make pizza night more affordable.

I can’t say a great app and a great website would indicate we can trust their promise that the pizzas taste better, so you’re just going to have to order one and find out for yourself. We’ll be reaching out to see if the US version of the app will be seeing a similar update at some point down the line.

[Google Play Download Link]

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  1. Hey, cool.

    By the way, is there any truth to the rumor that AT&T will be rolling out 4.3 tomorrow to the Galaxy S3?

    If so, I have to start backing up, and learn to live with root for a few days until a new root comes out

    1. 1. You’re commenting on an article about Domino’s Pizza, about 4.3 for the S3. Are you expecting a serious reply to your inquiry?
      2. You could just hold off on the update for the few days (or hours) it will take for devs to get it rooted. smh

    2. I’ve been reading that it’s true from multiple sources. I’d suggest just checking at Midnight if you have a Wi-Fi connection because I here its OTA and pretty sizable.

      1. Thanks, man! I haven’t seen an article on phandroid about it, I must have missed it.

        1. No problem. Phandroid hasn’t written on it but its one of the top news results on Google. Definitely worth a look.

  2. Thank god, the UK Domino’s app was a huge disaster. It even stopped working a good few months ago, and it’s taken them this long to fix it.

  3. Wished they had the app in Mexico. Love Domino’s Pizza. Too bad they make the italian sausage taste so awful .

  4. I’ve been told by Dominos employees that the pizza tracker is useless. They have no input as to when it reaches it’s next time frame.

    1. Odd. It’s always seemed to be dang near right on the money for me.

      The place is about 3 blocks away though and it’s an itty-bitty little town so I am sure that helps a bit…

    2. Actually the tracker is directly linked to the computers in your local store. The pizza maker hits a button when hes done making a pizza and the tracker will then show it going into the oven. We use a conveyor belt style oven with a fixed time so the computer knows exactly how long before it comes out the other end. The driver hits a button to assign the delivery to himself and the tracker shows its on the way. BTW – I’ve been with Domino’s since the days of paper and pens.

  5. I just like to know who is making my pizza, one guy his name was Mandeep.

    1. You should try Mandeep’s stuffed meat pizza

  6. Their pizza isn’t that bad and their app was actually pretty good. Much better and far more intuitive than that crap pizza Hut put out. I don’t know why they thought it was so bad, it’s one of the few apps I’ve commented on in the Play Store.

  7. I use the old app all the time I don’t think it sucks at all. Their pizza is much better than it used to be.

  8. If it works with shoprunner, I’m sold. That’s why I don’t use the app. I’d buy lots more pizza if they integrated that.

  9. Im in NY their pizza is absolute crap. Worst of all the fast food chains too.

  10. I kinda miss their old pizza. I like the new style, but holy **** is it messy. It’s like the pizza took a bath in butter. Can’t even touch a slice without your hands being covered in grease and Parmesan and herbs…

  11. I just use the mobile site? F me right?

  12. apk?

  13. Not UK Only the new app is also available in Ireland…

  14. lol used the dominos app last night in Australia it works pretty good.

  15. Please post the APK!

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