Moto Maker page appears on Verizon’s website


verizon motomakerWe had already seen the signs of the end of AT&T’s exclusivity of Moto Maker, with rumors pointing to other carriers getting access this coming week. And now, it has sort of become official with a page for the customization capabilities of the handset being touted on Verizon’s website. The device itself is marked as “temporarily out of stock”, but we don’t think it should take too long now.

Are you interested in getting a Moto X? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. So that’s what Motorola is talking about on their Twitter and Google+ accounts. “Get ready to express yourself. Literally!” About time!

    1. Specifacally, they’re referring to the engraving that will come with it. Notice the pic has “+1” engraved on it.

  2. I think I’ll be picking one up on T-Mobile. Just got my Nexus 5 but decided its too big. Didn’t really like the feel of it either.

    1. Same here. Battery life is awful. Cant wait to switch to the moto

      1. I am experiencing better battery life by changing the davlik runtime to ART runtime.

        1. Giving it a shot. We will see how tomorrow goes

        2. Did phandroid even cover the new ART yet?

          1. Wow you were right! I am getting probably a 40 percent increase. Art it is

      2. Really? I have had no issues with my N5. It is a great phone.

  3. Been playing around on the Moto Maker site for weeks. Hope we get a surprise option of wooden backs tomorrow.

  4. I want the motomaker on tmobile >_>

    1. At this point, it is too late for the Moto X and me. Motorola really screwed up giving AT&T an exclusivity period. I really wanted this phone and then the N5 came out. Motorola needs to learn you need to strike while the iron is hot. The desirability of a phone diminishes the longer it is out because newer and more desirable phones are always just around the corner.

  5. I absolutely love this phone. blows away my s4 i had before it

  6. Looks like they are adding back the custom lettering

  7. Not interested in the Moto X, still have almost a year left on my contract, but am interested to see if this is going to continue for new phones from Motorola. Like hopefully the next new thing they launch when my contract nears its end will be customizable also. I like my GS3, but dang man, I miss the awesome radios from my Droid X, Motorola knows how to make a radio! So much better reception than my Samsung! Plus, Samsung trying to go all “this cool accessory will only work with our phones” is turning me off to them.

    1. I will give you that Motorola makes great radios. I couldn’t keep a signal on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

      1. Nobody could keep a signal on their GNex

        1. I never had problems with my gnex. But, my friend went through 3. All horrible signal.

  8. I really want(ed) this phone but they took way to long to get the customization to other carriers. I have the Nexus 5 and it’s an awesome phone and the battery seems just fine to me.

    1. I would say the same thing if my contract’s end date didn’t coincide with this launch.

  9. They took way to long to even get me interested in this mid range phone. No thanks. Hopefully the next one will be better and have a smoother launch.

    I’m holding onto my one.

    1. Mid-range phone. Good one.

      1. If you think it’s anything more, you’re sadly mistaken.

        1. The lines between high-end and mid-range phones are blurring. Several years ago, mid-range phones were not very good. Now, they are very good. From what I have been told, the user experience on the Moto X makes up for the small downgrade in specs.

          1. ” From what I have been told, the user experience on the Moto X makes up for the small downgrade in specs.”

            Probably because of what they didn’t add to stock Android instead of what they added

  10. Unfortunately it’s already too late. I left Verizon (and the GNex) for T-Mobile and couldn’t be happier with the N5.

    1. I left Verizon and the GNex a year early for the N4. Verizon really screwed up the GNex and paying the ETF and going to T-Mobile actually saved me money ($50/month) in the long run (plus I got real unlimited data vs. 4GB).

  11. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Please, let there be wood at launch.

    1. …that’s what she said.

      1. But seriously, the wood backing does look snazzy.

  12. Says it is live for Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, but can’t select any carrier other than AT&T. Also no wood option.

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